Class projects

Project 1 :: Self Portrait

Create a series of digital versions of yourself using the digital paint and imaging tools covered in class. While making these portraits, consider:

  • How do you see yourself, your identity, or people in general?
  • How do you see yourself in connection to digital technology, society, your family/ friends, etc.

Requirements ::

  • Must use digital photographs or scanned traditional photographs from Exercise 1, digital paint, and imaging tools.
    Your portraits can be literal renditions of yourself, abstract representations, or representations but not literal (i.e. show your essence).
    Dimensions: 8-12 inches by 8-12 inches
  • 5 Images

Turn in the 5 images to the homework folder prior to coming to class on the day of critique.

Do NOT use images downloaded from the INTERNET- you will receive a zero on the project if you do.

Turn in digital files to the homework folder prior to the start of class on critique due date.

Due Date ::

Project 2 :: Hand Drawn Animation

Create a visual morph between two or more objects, that is, an interaction between two or more objects.

Requirements ::

  • Must use Exercise 2 Part 2
  • 10 second in length (15 fps)
  • Using 4 inch by 6 inch blank index cards, make your drawing
  • Scan them as Tiff format
  • Bring into After Effects
  • Create a Quicktime movie with animation format

Turn in the Quicktime movie to the homework folder prior to the critique.

Due Date ::


Project 3 :: Modern Sculpture

Description ::

Create three modern sculptures. Choose one of the five sculptors and sculptures they have created as an inspiration for your own modern sculptors.

Requirements ::

  • Using Polygonal objects, create 5 avatars to represent your self in a shared virtual space.
  • Render out still images of the avatars using good camera angles, lights, and compositions.

Turn in images to homework folder prior to the start of class on the day of critique.

Due Date ::


Project 4 :: Web Portfolio

Overview ::

Create a web site that is your personal artist portfolio, to be published on the digital arts server. The site should include all your work, and have an aesthetic theme. The portfolio is a work of art that expresses the style that has emerged this semester. This is more than a container of artwork.

Description ::

We are setting up a web site that can be the basis for at least for the remainder of your time at Bowling Green. You must include ALL of the work that you have created in this class. You must have a "Digital Art" page with "Digital Imaging", "Hand Drawn Animation", and "3D Modeling"sub pages.

Additional pages you may want to include:

  • Main page (index.html)
    Table of contents
    Resume (can do in html or save as a .pdf file)
    Page of links
  • Sections of types of artwork (you may divide it up how you see fit, i.e. Drawings, Paintings, Digital Images, 3D models, Animation, Digital Video, Installations, Sculpture - and then subdivisions if necessary) Artist Statement, Biography, etc.

DON'T include things that could incriminate you or irrelevant material (most people coming to your artist portfolio don't need to know that you hang out at the local bar every night and have 4 siblings). Remember, BE PROFESSIONAL, but be creative and innovative in your design!

Creation Steps ::

Once you have created your site map, begin planning. Create a "dummy" or skeletal structure of empty, named pages that focuses on the structure, with no content. Place this in a directory, and name each html file to match your outline. You may add text to help you identify each page.

Begin to collect the raw materials for your portfolio. Scan drawings, get a digital camera to photograph 3d works, etc. Collect images and texts, scan, begin to prepare the contents of your portfolio. More specific information about formats, etc. will come next week.

Due Date ::

NOTE: This final portfolio will be the evaluated at the end of this course for admittance into the Digital Arts program. You will need to pass this review in order to advance to the 300-level Digital Arts courses.