Class Project and Assignments

Project 1 contains 3 assignments

Project 1, assignment 1 :: Research Artists

Looking up examples of:

  • 3 photographers from library
  • Self-Portraits Digital Paint
  • Digital Imaging and Collage

Take notes on which artists/works you feel most connected with, and be prepared to contextualize and discuss these findings in regards to your own project ideas when you present.

Due Date :: January 11

Project 1, assignment 2 :: Source Photographs

Shoot an entire roll (minimum 24 shots) of portraits of yourself or anything related to you on 35mm film that you will later scan. Pictures can be anything from parts or close-up to whole portraits. Get the roll developed and bring in the prints. Choose the six most important shots to show to your colleagues in class. Be prepared to contextualize them in relationship to the research.

NOTE: IF you have a digital camera, you may also shoot them digitally. You must shoot a minimum of 24 shots and you will also have to show the six most important shots.

Requirements ::

  • 24 photographs- digital or traditional film
  • If shot digital film, collect a few traditional photographs, which are portraits of yourself, to scan

Due Date :: January 18

Project 1, assignment 3 : Final images

5 images

DUE: January 30


Project 2 contains 3 assignments : storyboards and Animation

Assignment 1: Make two sketchy storyboards for Project 2. They should be different in imagery and context.

I will choose one of the two for Assignment 3 Part 1

Due Date :: Feb. 6

Assignment 2: Finalize your storyboards for Project 2.

Due Date :: Feb. 13

Assignment  3: Final Animation for Project 2.

Due Date ::  January 27


Project 3 contains 2 assignments :: Modern Sculpture

Description ::

Assignment 1: Research five sculptors and sculptures they have created as an inspiration for your own modern sculptors to present to the class.

DUE: March 6

Assignment 2: Create five modern sculptures.


  • Using Polygonal objects, create 5 avatars to represent your self in a shared virtual space.
  • Render out still images of the avatars using good camera angles, lights, and compositions.

Turn in images to homework folder prior to the start of class on the day of critique.

Due Date :: March 27

Project 4 contains 3 assignments  : Web Portfolio

Project 4, assignment 1: What makes a good Artist Portfolio?

Surf the web and find artist portfolios that inspire you. Chose one and critique it - What makes it good? Prepare a written critique and email it to me at

You will briefly introduce the site to class, explaining why you chose this portfolio, showing both positive and negative elements of the site. Consider navigation, color, design, theme, etc, when writing your critique.

Due Date :: April 3

Project 4, assignment 2: Planning and Gathering A flowchart or Portfolio Site Map, and collecting content

Create a hierarchy chart / site map that outlines how you will organize your portfolio. Each box on the chart represents a WWW page & must have the corresponding file name listed. Let some of the Portfolios you have seen influence your site design.

Due Date :: April 10

Project 4, assignment 3: Final Gathering Your Portfolio Site Map, and collecting content

MAKE YOUR SITE MAP BEAUTIFUL! Remember, at this point your focus is on visual and interactive design, the structure of the user's experience. "The focus of the aesthetic shifts from the observed object to the participating subject.."

Due Date :: April 24