(5 points)

First in-class exercise:

  1. Modeling with primitive and modification polygonal
  2. Objects and deformational tools
  3. Coloring with Surface Shader Materials
  4. Lighting and Camera "Simple light setup with Mental Ray: Sun and Sky"

Second in-class exercise:

  1. Modeling with Polygons “Apple, Banana, and Strawberry” revisiting deformational tools
  2. Simple UV layout
  3. NURBS Modeling with Curves and surface tools: Fruit Buckets
  4. Surface Texturing

Third in-class exercise:  Modeling Techniques: Fruit Scales

  1. Sub-Division Surface modeling: Fruit Scales Body
  2. Modeling with Sub-Division surface and Convert Polygon to Sub-Division
  3. UV Projections
  4. Materials and Texture mapping: Fruit Scales
  5. Studio Light Setting with Mental Ray

Fourth in-class exercise:  Intermediate Modeling Tech: "Samlorkruang: Motor-Tricycle” (สามล้อเครื่อง)

  1. Tricycle Model: Hard-Surface parts
  2. Tricycle Model: Soft-Surface parts
  3. Tricycle Model: UV layout
  4. Tricycle Model: Materials and Texture mapping
  5. Mental Ray
  6. Rendering for Composite Layers

Project One: (20 points) Duration from Sept. 1-15th

“Geometric Form: The Segmental Structure”

Students will use the polygonal primitives to create the segmentally structures. The segmental structures should be dependent on each other, which allow students to form the final models. Then the models will be comprised into a partial of their final sense.

The structures must be influenced by natural organic forms.

TWO PRINTS on 11"X17" papers - Must have the white border

DUE DATE: Digital Sept. 15th and Print Sept. 22nd

  • Research DUE: Sept. 1st
  • 3 Digital files DUE: Sept. 15th
  • Digital Revision DUE: Sept. 17th
  • 2 Prints DUE: Oct. 22nd

Project1 PDF click on the icon to download project file in PDF format

Project Two: (30 points) from Sept. 29th - Oct. 20th

"Still Life of Fruit (Carving Art)”: On this assignment you will look at some traditional still life painting from some classic painting masters or CG illustration masters to examine the object / color composition, lighting placement and so on.

The sitting of your still life, should be inspired by Art Carving ore sculpting Fruits and vegetables

You make one print of your final render at 11"X17"

(30 points) Duration Sept. 29th  - Oct. 27th
Research DUE: Sept. 29th

  • Digital Files DUE: Oct. 20th   
  • Digital Revision DUE: Oct. 27th  
  • Revision: Nov. 3rd
  • Prints DUE: Nov.10th

project fileclick on the icon to download project file in PDF format

Final Project:  (45 points) from Nov. 3rd - Dec. 10th

“The Transcandere”: Create a full rendering of surreal realistic image that has influence from the animated movie “the Howl's Moving Castle”. The concept of moving castle must be influenced by animal or insect. The form of your model must have the visual analogy according to your reference. The imaginative castle must contain the characteristic of being adventurer or being an explorer. Every single ornament that present on the castle must underline it concept of its own personality.  Every living house has a spirit within, is the East Asian philosophy. You will try to capture a moment of time such as the expression the gratification and glory. You can use color, shape, texture, diagonals, lighting and compositional strategies to convey the emotion. Intensive research on topics related to your target subject is the important key.
You make at least one print of your final render at 17" x 22"


  • Research DUE: Nov. 3rd
  • Digital Files DUE: Dec. 10th
  • Revision File DUE: Dec 15th
  • Prints DUE: Dec. 16th

project fileclick on the icon to download project file in PDF format

Requirement For Each Project


  • The of the project/assignment file name convention: project name_your user name. ext
  • Turn in Maya file (*.mb) and image file (*.tiff) file formats for in-class exercises  at the end of the section
  • For term projects and the final project, you will need to turn in
    • A minimum of 4 different camera views of your scene digital files of your final rendering in Tiff format as much as you can.
    • The Maya directory of each project on CD/DVD ROM. Conventional Name Format of Maya Directory: project name_ your user name
  • The final output in printing formats: one or more prints (TBA) If you don't print out your scenes images, 5 points will be subtracted off you total scores. (100 point is "A")
  • Update your web portfolio to include your modeling assignments.
  • The prints on each project
    • Every print must have the border at least ½ inch all sides
  • Students are required for participating during class critiques.