Project 1


Project 2


Final Project


Requirement For Each Project

  • The of the project/assignment file name convention: project name_your user name. ext
  • Turn in Maya file (*.mb) and image file (*.tiff) file formats for in-class exercises  at the end of the section
  • For term projects and the final project, you will need to turn in
    • A minimum of 4 different camera views of your scene digital files of your final rendering in Tiff format as much as you can.
    • The Maya directory of each project on CD/DVD rom. Conventional Name Format of Maya Directory: project name_ your user name
  • The final output in printing formats: one or more prints (TBA) If you don't print out your scenes images, 10 point will be subtracted off you total scores. (100 point is "A")
  • Update your web portfolio to include your modeling assignments.
  • Create Blog for the class
  • The prints on each project
    • Every print must have the border at least ½ inch all sides
    • Example of the recommendation (the Golden Ratio: Root 1)
  • Students are required for participating during class critiques.