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Topics for the semester:
Story Structure
  1. Theme
  2. Conflict/Resolution
  3. Inciting Incident
  4. Plot
  5. Protagonist vs. Antagonist
  6. Premises and concept statements
  7. 3 act animations
  8. The Arc (Aristotelian drama)
  9. Type of story, hero journey, document mock up, tragedy 
Character Design
  1. Understanding the character archetype
  2. Understand your character, such as background, who he/she, and such
  3. Shapes and appeal based on the physiological meaning
  4. Study of anatomy (exaggeration based on realism)
Concept Art and Layout
  1. Setting
  2. Creating mood through color and composition 
  3. Floor plans (camera placements)
  4. Post production effects
  1. Script formats
  2. Story details and dialogue 
Storyboards and Cinematics
  1. Type of storyboards
  2. Cinematic language: sequencing, effective use of time
  3. Camera shots, angles, and moves: close-up, long-shot, over the shoulder shot, zoom, pan, etc.
  4. Continuity style of editing
  5. Transitions: cut, cross dissolve, fade in/out, etc.
Modeling and Texture/UV topics
  1. Resolution of the geomagnetic
  2. Topology construction following the correct human or animal anatomical structures
  3. Facial anatomical structure
  4. UV layout
  5. Deformers for modeling
  6. Environment modeling
  7. Textures and Lighting
  1. Joints
  2. IK/FK
  3. Iconic controllers
  4. Deformers
  5. Blend Shape (deformer)
  6. Facial controls
  7. Skinning
Animatics and Story Reels
  1. Storyboards in motion
  2. Story timing
  3. Image sound relationships
Sound for animation
  1. Audio effects: synchronization
  2. Sound track: setting the mood