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Select the best answer according to the information in Chapter 1 of Ideas for the Animated Short:
Question: Possible choices
1. Basically all standard stories are about No Response
the journey to another place and time
heros and villians
morals and lessons learned
someone who wants something and is having trouble getting it
the inner conflict a character has with its self
2. The basic elements of a story include (but are not limited to): No Response
location, inciting moment, rejection, character goal
theme, inciting moment, character arc, resolution
birth, arc, resolution, ending
setting, conflict, resolution, death
architypes, heros, journeys, destruction
3. Who first defined the three act structure of a story and defined what plot was? No Response
Jospeh Campbell
4. The difference between Disney and Pixar animation stories is: No Response
Disney characters sing and dance together and Pixar characters generally fight with one another.
Disney stories have one hero and in Pixar stories, the role of hero passes from character to character.
Disney stories have conflict and resolution and Pixar stories have emotional appeal.
Disney uses a three act structure whereas Pixar uses a 5 act structure to the story.
Disney bases all their stories on Aesops fables and Pixar bases theirs on real life experiences.
5. An archetype is: No Response
a strange or unique character that surprises the audience
a story that causes the audience to have strong emotional reactions
the change that happens in a character as they learn how to achieve their goal
the same as a stereotype and is a simplified generalization about a group
a pervasive idea or image that serves as an original model to make copies of
6. Joseph Campbell defined the monomyth as: No Response
the hero's journey
the quest for truth
an inciting moment
the story of the creation of the earth
a fable that teaches morals
7. The theme of a story is: No Response
the sequence of events in a story
the underlying concept of the whole story
the way in which the conflict is resolved
the resolution or ending
the archetype of the story
8. In all good stories there will be a character arc, what does that mean: No Response
the character faces a crisis and tries to resolve the problem
the rise and fall of how the audience responds to the main character
the protagonist and antagonist will compete and one will become the hero
the character changes emotionally from the beginning to the end of the story
the theme will curve around the main structure of the story
9. The most universal story is: No Response
good verses evil
the hero's journey
love stories
creation of the earth
the Bible
10. Short stories should have: No Response
one main theme
only one conflict
one or two locations
one or two characters
all of the above
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