Term Projects


Project One: Due September 11, 2008

“Optical Art “Combine primitives to construct creative repetitive models in the scene that are influenced by some artworks of Opt artists, such Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley. Please consider using the simple shapes, such as triangles, squares, circles, and rectangles, flat colors, color contrast/composition, and element of design/composition. You will create 3 different designs of Optical Art and print out at least one each of design in 15"X15"

The Structure of the Project 1

Step One - Research: Everything starts with the inspiration! All DUE Sep 2, 08 (Post them on your Blog)

  1. Fine 10 optical artworks from online or BGSU library (names of artists and artworks)
  2. Take your own photograph of pattern or texture of variety of objects/natures or find high quality images online (must be at least 400 X 400 px) 10 images at least
  3. Tip: Wall paper patterns are useful resource to look at.

Step Two – Pre-production: Use all images that available from yours and your classmate to roughly design the possibility pattern that can be used for the models in your scene All DUE Sep 4, 08

  1. You may chose whole image and use Photoshop to manipulate the layers to re-arrange the pattern
  2. You may pick only part of the image or separable the component of the image to find the best shapes or contours. This will give you some interchangeable shape. Then you will resemble the shapes repeatedly into variable compositions. This technique called the Patterns Modulated Variations. (Either hand draw or Photoshop is fine)
  3. Matching and Manipulating all available resources into the Opt Arts style

Step Three – In-production and Pre-final: Executing the models and complete the scene in Maya 3D. DUE Sep 11, 08

  1. No light on the scene
  2. Use Ambient colors instead
  3. Rendering and output to TIFF format
  4. Final Step – Revise Versions and the Print Out DUE Sep 16, 08