August 21

Introduction to the class materials, overview, expectations, term projects, and online form Sneak preview: class material and variety of aspects in 3D computer graphics.

Intro to 3 Dimension Computer Graphic and Animation Aspect of Computer Graphic (CG)
Catch up with “Maya interface and General concepts “

  • Concepts Maya Workspace
  • User Interface Elements
  • Three-Button Mouse convention in Maya
  • File Management
    -Every exercise, assignment, and project must be saved in Z drive (example, Z:/ maya/ yourname/ project name)
    -Setting Maya project directory
    - File Types
  • Viewing 3D Scenes -View ports -View Tools -Shading Option -Show Menu -Right Mouse Menu
  • Transformation -Move, Rotate, and Scale tool
  • Manipulators -Pivot Point
  • Primitive Objects in Maya Polygonal and NURBS primitive objects

First in-class exercise: Modeling with primitive polygonal objects

August 23

Working with simple polygonal objects

More on User Interface Elements

  • Viewing options
    -Isolate Selection
    -Show Menu
    -Quick Selection
    -Window editors
    -Layers Editor
  • -Duplication Techniques
  • Basic colors of shaders

Assignment One: “Optical Art”, you will create a multiple primitive objects and combine them to construct creative models that are influenced by the work of Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley. (Flat 2D colors). Due September 7, 2004


August 28

Object types in Maya and their components

Focusing on NURBS modeling

  • NURBS base modeling technique part one; “Sculpting NURBS Primitive”
    -Anatomy of NURBS surface; point, patch, Hull, CV, Isoparm, and Span
    -Tessellation -Mel Scripts -Mel commands
    -Script Editor -Hotkey and Hotbox, and Masking menus
    -Aim functions: Image plane, Masking menus, Isoparm, changing local pivot for modeling and more.

Second in-class exercise: Sculpting NURBS primitive object “Toothpaste”

August 30

NURBS base modeling technique part two; “Building NURBS Surface Patch Technique”

  • Building NURBS Patch from Curves Using Surface Tools
  • Understanding Curve objects in Maya
    -Anatomy of curve; Direction, CVs (Control Vertex/Vertices), Spans, Knots/ Points, Hulls
    -Work with Curves: CV / EP curves
    - Detach/Attach surface - Projection curve on surface
    - Trimming
    - Loft / Extrude surface
    - Planer
    - Bi-rails

Third in-class exercise: Building NURBS Surface from Curves; "Scope bottle”

Fourth in-class exercise: NURBS Surface Patch Technique; “Shoes”

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