November 2
"Intro to Sub Division Surface "
Convert Polygon surface to Sub Division surfaces
Work with Sub Division surface
Anatomy of SubD
In-class exercise 8 : " Modeling with Sub Division Surface "

November 4
Continue working on Sub Division Surfaces.
Convert Sub Division Surface to Polygonal surface
Finish up In-class exercise 8 : " Modeling with Sub Division Surface "


November 9
Returning to the lighting
ėLight effectsî

Assignment Four : ėRemembranceî Create convincing emotion though the lighting, texturing, composting, and rendering. You will try to capture a moment of time such as the expression of sorrow, gratification or glory . You can use colors, shapes, textures, diagonals, lighting and compositional strategies to convey the emotion. Due November 23, 2004

November 11
(Veterans Day No Classes)


November 16
Work Section / personal help

November 18
Work Section / personal help


November 23

Sharing Assignment Three : ėRemembranceî on screen with classmates
Discussion on technical progress

Final Project: " The Future "

Create and design a visual theme of the future using modeling, texturing, lighting, and final rendering. The theme is open for any subjects, such as industrial design, architecture, and so on. Please be creative and express meaning in your design. Intensive research on topics related to your target subject is the important key. Be creative and experiment with the composition. (No spaceship, star fields, or robots. The image can be abstract or stylized realism. Due December 9, 2004

November 25
(24-28 Thanksgiving Recess)


November 30
ė Rendering with Mental Ray ė
•  Global illumination
•  Final Gathering
•  Caustic
In-class exercise 9 : " Mental Ray "