Contacting Me

Contact me via email at jleftwi@bgsu.edu. My office hours are Mondays from 2pm to 4pm.

About This Syllabus

This syllabus is subject to change due to weather or other considerations, and should not be considered a binding contract. Students are expected to be familiar with the content of the syllabus and the listed due dates for Projects.

Cell Phone Policy

Please turn your cell phones to silent. If you must text or make a call, please step out of the room.

Facebook, email, chatting, etc.

Please refrain from using the computers for non-class activities during class, especially during lectures and demos. Multitasking is a myth, and it has a proven negative effect on recall and performance (and therefore, a negative effect on your grade, and the quality of your work!).

During work time, I advise you to take short breaks (five minutes out of every thirty minutes works for many people) and try to work consistently without interruption. If you avoid interruptions, you will turn out better work.

Academic Integrity

All forms of academic dishonesty including but not limited to collusion, fabrication, cheating, and plagiarism will call for discipline. Collusion is defined as "the unauthorized collaboration with any other person in preparing work offered for individual credit." Fabrication is defined as "intentionally falsifying or inventing any information or citation on any academic exercise." Cheating is defined as "intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise." Plagiarism is defined as "the appropriation of any other person's work and the unacknowledged incorporation of that work in one's own work offered for credit."


Please show up ready to begin work. This class has a lot of important material and we'll be using our available time to the fullest. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to contact me via email and to make up any missed work. You are also strongly advised to contact a fellow student and check the syllabus for notes, demos, and information on any material you missed.

In addition, attendance affects your grade.

3d art is time extensive and the technology associated with it is always changing. Learning the fundamentals is a must. Techniques, concepts and ideas discussed in this class are essential for a 3d Artist. Because of these, attendance is essential.

Being late to class three times will be counted as one unexcused absence. Likewise, leaving class early will be counted as an absence unless approved by instructor.

Late Work

Late work will be penalized at a rate of 15% of the total worth of the assignment per day or part of a day that it is late. This time will be calculated from the beginning of class on the day the work is due.


Any student who wishes to discuss disability accommodations, please email me, or come and talk to me after class or during office hours.

Classroom and Lab Rules


If you do not obey the rules, you will receive a first warning. If it happens again, you will be asked to leave the classroom plus receive one half a letter grade drop and a third time you will receive a full letter grade drop on your final grade.

Use of Student Projects by the Art Department

Projects created in any Digital Arts course may be used by the Art department for the purpose of promoting the student, the department and/or the university in general. These materials may also be used by the Art department for instructional purposes in future courses. Please inform the instructor if you do not want your projects used.