ARTC 409 Professional Practices
Bowling Green State University - School of Art
Syllabus - Fall 2003

ARTC 409 Professional Practices

Professor Heather Elliott-Famularo

Thursdays* 8:30-10:50am and 11:30-1:50pm

Phone: 372-9943

* Some Tuesday classes are required.

Office: 1014 Fine Arts Center

Room 1101 Fine Arts Center

Office Hrs: Wednesday 1-4pm


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Prerequisite: Must be scheduled to Graduate in Digital Arts December 2003 or May / August 2004

Required Readings: Course Packet (on electronic reserve at Main Library)

Course Description and Objectives: This course will help you transition from academia to life after college. In the case of computer art, this could mean many things, but we will focus on three paths: graduate school, industry, or traditional artist practices. In each case this course will, above all, help you focus on your art and its development as a whole, understand yourself as an artist, and present yourself, your ideas, and your art.

CLASS FORMAT: The class will be dependent upon your preparation and participation. Most classes will include some of the following: discussions of readings, visitor presentations, student presentations, instruction on preparing yourself for the next step after school, and perhaps informal critiques. Participation is a GRADE. (See grades below)

NOTE ON THE BFA SHOW: The focus of this course is not to get ready for the BFA exit show. The BFA show is not a requirement for graduation, but it is an important opportunity to exhibit a cohesive body of work and your ideas, uncensored. You may use this course to assist you in preparation for the show. Deadlines for show materials will be forthcoming and all deadlines must be met in order to exhibit.

Requirements: Each student is expected to complete all the assignments and required readings. During discussion and lectures, students are expected to engage in meaningful classroom participation. Details of the various assignments will be discussed in class. Assignments missing on the scheduled critique day will be penalized one letter grade. No assignments will be accepted beyond 3 days from the due date.

Attendance: Read Carefully. Attendance is not only mandatory but it is crucial to your success in this class. If you are not in class please find out from the other students what was covered and if work was assigned. Absence is not a valid excuse for coming to the following class unprepared, or for not having an assignment completed that was given while you were gone. This class will adhere to the following Attendance Policy:

  1. Because this class meets only once a week, You may miss a maximum of TWO classes without penalty.
  2. Missing more then 10% of regularly scheduled course meeting times (2 classes) results in the reduction of your final grade by one letter grade per absence beyond the second, and continues for each additional absence up to the 4th absence.
  3. Missing more then 20% of regularly scheduled course meetings (4 classes) results in automatic failure for the course. (Easy Formula: Number 6 = F).
  4. There are no "excused" or "unexcused" absences. There is only presence or absence.
  5. Arriving for class late or leaving class before dismissal constitutes a tardy. The accumulation of three tardies is equal to an absence in the calculation of attendance. Role will be taken at the beginning of each class. If you wander in late, it is your responsibility to make sure I mark your arrival.
  6. Do not leave class early. If you absolutely must, you have to clear it with me first, or you will be considered absent for that entire day.
  7. In the event of a mental or physical health emergency or another similar crisis that may cause you to miss more than two classes, please set up an appointment with me to discuss your options.

Grading: Grades will be based on attendance, participation, assignments, and research projects. "A"s are only given for excellent projects that are turned in on time! "C"s are given for projects completed on time but average in quality and quantity. "F"s are substituted for missing assignments. Cummulative grades are calculated on the computer periodically throughout the course and distributed to the individual students.

LATE ASSIGNMENTS: Up to 24 hours late your grade is lowered by one letter, 24 to 48 hours is lowered by two letters, and 48 to 72 is lowered three letter grades. No assignments accepted after three days, you will receive an "F" for that project.


TOPICS IN THE CLASS: Subject to changes, additions, and subtractions. Many of these will be covered as you complete the projects.


PROJECTS FOR ARTC 409, Professional Practices and Presentation for Computer Art Students
Specifics will follow. Subject to change, additions, and subtractions

Prepare and present a final body of art. (See due dates below)
This can be work towards your BFA exit show, but think of it as a cohesive body that goes beyond the show and defines you as an artist. This is not your presentation package. Your 10 minute presentations will be due Thursday December 04 or Thursday December 11. I urge you to get early feedback from your peers or me.

Final presentation package. Final due Dec 4
The final presentation package is not the final body of work. This package is your presentation for a job, gallery, graduate school, etc. It is unlike your final body of art as this includes materials to get a job while your art portfolio is just about your art work. Final is due December 04, but parts will be due at intervals throughout the semester. It will consist of:

  1. Statements: One general and one for your final body of work. You can use the statement for your Senior exit show, which will be due in the Spring. The statement for you final body of work will be due when you present your work.
  2. Artist Biography
  3. Resume
  4. Cover Letter
  5. Other Visual Material Due with final package
    • Prints, Demo Reel, Slides in presentation form, depending on your focus.
  6. (Optional) Miscellaneous Due with final package
    • Promotional material such as buttons, stickers, business cards, brochures
Readings throughout the semester: Readings will be discussed in class. Note that participation is part of your grade. You must bring your printed reading with you to class the day it is due or you will be considered absent for that day!

Essays and small assignments due throughout the semester

Research on what you think you will do next:
Find information about one of the areas listed below including what they request and in what format. Then, prepare a mock application. Things such as slides or demo reels may be described in specific detail. You can use the contacts that you research now to peruse when you are ready to make a transition.

Enter a Juried show: Prepare a show / festival application package and send it.

(Optional) Make Contact
Make contact with the companies, graduate schools, or galleries you found in your research. Due as you complete them. Let me know of your progress in some written format. This is a way to get bonus points.


Student Projects: Projects created in any Digital Arts course may be used by the ART department for the purpose of promoting the student, the department, and/or the university in general. These materials may also be used by the ART department for instructional purposes in future courses. Please inform the instructor if you do not want your projects used.

Student Concerns: Any student who wishes to discuss accommodations on the basis of a disability please come talk to me after class or during office hours.

Course Outline:

The following is a tentative schedule of classes. Topics and due dates are subject to change, although you will be notified in advance if this happens.

Notice that we are SCHEDULED to meet THURSDAYS, However, due to various events, you should be prepared to meet on Tuesdays at any point during the semester


August 26
Introduction - 3 Paths, Syllabus, Student Forms; art/info; Assignment #1 assigned  
August 28
No class, but Email me your 3 questions for Joann Kroll by 5pm! DUE: Resume/Cover Letter questions

September 4
Resume and Cover Letter - Part 1 JoAnn Kroll, Director of BGSU Career Services speaks DUE: Reading Part #1
September 11
Resume and Cover Letter - Part 2 Discuss Reading 1; Quiz; BGSU Worknet Profiles created; Reading #2 assigned; Assignment #2 given DUE: Reading #1; Reflection #1
September 17
Visiting Artist: Roger M. Berkowitz
Future Issues Facing Museums
11:30 AM, Room #1101
September 18
Artist Statements and Bios Discuss reading #2; Bio exercise; Assignment #3 given DUE: Resume & Cover Letter draft #1;
Reading #2
September 25
Class Cancelled
Drop off homework in my mailbox per emailed instructions
DUE: Bio & Statement draft #1; Priced Artwork; Reading #3

October 2
David Hampshire from IMS visits; Discuss Resumes; Discuss Priced Artwork;
Assignment #4 given; Take-home quiz on Reading #3 assigned
DUE: All assignments not yet handed in
October 9
No Class - Fall Break
October 16
Visiting Artist: Patrick Lichty - Life As An Artist
Discuss Reading #3
DUE: Resume & Cover Letter draft #2
Take-home quiz Reading #3
Juried Show / Film Festival Links
October 23
Graduate School - Discuss In-class Reading
Assignment #5 assigned
October 27
Visiting Artist: Isabel Rocamora
Anti-Gravity: Body and Architecture
6pm - Room 1101 FAC
October 28
Visiting Artist: Isabel Rocamora
Reflection on the Making of Memory Release
6pm - Room 1024 FAC
October 30
Industry - Discuss Assignment #5
Assignment #6 assigned
DUE:Show / Festival Packet;
Assignment #5

November 6
Assign Professional Packet and Artist Presentation Days;
Reading #5 assigned, Assignment #7 assigned
DUE: Research URLs
Biography & Artist Statement draft #2;
November 13
Creativity - Discuss Reading #5
Assignment #8 assigned; Copyright Take Home Quiz assigned
DUE: Reading #5
Artist Date
November 20
Copyright - Discuss Readings DUE: Assignment #8;
Take Home Quiz
Research Project
November 27
No Class - Thanksgiving Break

December 4
Final Presentations, Group 1
Final Presentation Packets DUE
December 9
Final Presentations, Group 2
December 11
Final Presentations, Group 3

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