Artc 409 Fall 2003
Professional Practices
Heather Elliott Famularo

Assignment #8:
DUE: Thursday, November 20

PART I: E-Res Reading #6 - pp. 123-131 (Censorship, Contracts, preparation)

Read AND PRINT OUT Reading #6 - Packet pages 123-131 on BGSU ERes - Electronic Reserve

- Restrictions on Artistic Expression: Obscenity , (Karlen, Peter )
- Artist Agreement/Contract
- Appendix 1: Photographing Your Work (Vitali)
- Appendix 2: Color and Black-and-White Slides (Vitali)

READ and COMPREHEND. Come to class prepared to discuss on Thursday, November 20. when this is DUE!

PART II: Internet Reading (Copyright Law)

PRINT AND READ: Go to the following URLs and print the following articles. Bring printouts to class.

1) Fair Use: Overview and Meaning for Higher Education

2) Fair-Use Checklist (available also as .pdf format)

Sources From: Indiana University Copyright Management Center

PART III: Handout - Reading (Copyright Law)

READ: The Handout: A Balancing Act: Copyright in the Electronic Age By Carol C. Henderson (also found online)

PART IV: Take Home Quiz

ANSWER the questions on the Take Home Quiz on Copyright. It will be collected and discussed next week.

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