Artc 409 Fall 2003
Professional Practices
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Assignment #3:
DUE: THURSDAY, September 25

Part 1: Artist Statement and Biography

Complete the FIRST DRAFT of your:
   - Artist Statement
   - Biography

Part 2: Reading #3 - Life as an Artist

Complete READING #3: p. 43-75 on BGSU ERes - Electronic Reserve
    - Knowing When to Become, Not Become, or Stop Being a Full-Time Artist (Salandino, Tony)
    - Chap 15: Making your Day Job Work for you (Hadden, Peggy)
    - Let's Talk About Selling Your Work (Hadden, Peggy)
    - Chap 3: Selling Your Work to a Museum (Hadden, Peggy)
    - Nonprofit Alternative Spaces - the National Association of Artist Organizations (Vitali)

* Read and take notes on the reading. Remember to bring your physical printed readings to class or you will be counted as absent.


Choose TWO (2) of your own, different artworks. Based on the reading, price these works for sale in a gallery. Consider how many "duplicates" you could or will make (a painting vs. a print, etc.). Remember that if it is 1 of 1 it is more valuable than 1 of an edition of 200. Use the Pragmatic Pricing Strategy and follow the following directions, answering these questions in your price "sheet":
  1. Describe the work.
  2. How many editions will you limit it to?
  3. How much time is spent creating the work?
    • List each step of the process from conceptualization to finished product
    • Count the hours spent on each step (approximate).
    • Calculate an hourly wage. The rate could vary depending on skill. (i.e. 1/4 price for render time)
    • Multiply the hours x rate to get the total cost
  4. List materials, labor, and overhead costs.
  5. Consider the sales commission. **THIS GALLERY TAKES 40%
  6. If you make work that is time-based such as animation or web art, can you come up with a unique selling strategy that is suitable for that medium?
Compile ALL of this information in a neatly and professionally typed. Email it to me or bring it into class on Thursday.

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