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How to Get Into and Survive the Gaming Industry
place where anyone can ask questions about getting a job in the gaming biz, and practically anything else that can be answered by these artists. (note: in order to ask questions, registration for the polycount forums is required... i have been there for 3 years and honestly, it is why i have a job right now in Austria, and how i have gotten numerous offers from companies across the globe. pros critique 3d models (from low to high), textures and other art... great freakin place)
- Maury Mountain

How to Get Into and Survive In the Games Industry
Rorshach (the oen who started this) is a reliable source, he lists his experience on that page, and is finishing up Legend Entertainment's Unreal 2 ( as the lead texture artist. The others that post answers there work at wide range of gaming co's from Ritual, Epic Games, id, Digtal Extremes, UbiSoft, LucasArts, and a few others.
- Maury Mountain


ARTC 409 is taught by Professor Heather Elliott - Computer Art, Bowling Green State University.

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