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Academy of Art College: Submitted by Jon Van Dalen

California College of Arts and Crafts - M.A. Program in Visual Criticism

Phone: 1-800-447-1ART or1- 415-703-9523
The M.A. Program in Visual Criticism educates students about the contemporary world of visual images and objects so that they may engage that world through critical and creative writings. The program is designed for students who have an interest in visual arts, design, and culture and are primarily committed to refining their critical consciousness and writing.
Submitted by Beth Kalinsky and Matt Garglianos

California Institute of the Arts - MFA: E-mail:
Phone: 1-805-255-1050, ext 2185
The program encourages individuals to experiment in hybrid forms, and to stretch their ideas of the possible, or of the permissible. All graduate students have private studios, and are expected to use them, in consultation with a faculty of working artists, to create a distinct body of work during their residency.

Research Areas:Painting; Drawing: Sculpture: Installation: Video: Post-Studio: Performance; Photography: Hybrid Forms; Printmaking; Integrated Media; Writing

Submitted by Jon Van Dalen and Beth Kalinsky

California State University, Northridge - Visual Arts

Phone: 1-818-677-2138

Submitted by Beth Kalinsky

Mesmer Animation Labs:
Various training-style courses in game art offered. More info requested.

Submitted by Jon Van Dalen

New York University:
Interactive Telecommunications
  1. The six-page application form with your signature (on page 18 of the application booklet).
  2. The personal statement submitted in hard copy. The statement should examine in approximately 1,000 words (four pages, typed, double-spaced) aspects of your character that distinguish you as an individual. Please address the following points:
    1. Why do you want to join ITP?
    2. Our program is highly collaborative: what in your background, discipline, and/or art do you feel will contribute to ITP's vitality and imagination in the search for new communication forms?
  3. The resume should be submitted in hard copy. Please list your educational background and any work experience whether multimedia related or not.
  4. All official transcripts (official transcripts in a sealed envelope are required). If official transcripts are impossible to obtain by the application deadline, we will accept photocopies of transcripts or transcripts issued directly, provided the document in question shows the seal and address of the institution and an official signature of the registrar. Official transcripts may be sent separately from the application package if necessary.
  5. $60 application fee.
  6. The Applicant Notification Card (or sheet, if application is downloaded from the Web).
  7. The Student Profile Card (or sheet).
  8. Portfolio (optional): If you wish to send a portfolio, please prepare the following:
    1. A hard copy version of instructions for viewing the portfolio, a list of contents, and the applicant's role in the production of the portfolio.
    2. We ask that applicants limit the creative work to just one of the following formats:
      1. Zip disk (Mac, PC, or Mac/PC)
      2. CD-ROM (Mac, PC, or Mac/PC)
      3. Video. Limit: one tape. Format: VHS (NTSC) or DV. No more than three segments edited to a combined total of no more than 20 minutes.
      4. URLs. Limit: Three. Provide a list of required plugins or technical specifications. Please check very carefully that all links are working properly.
      5. Slides. Limit: no more than 20 slides inserted in a single plastic slide sheet. Do not submit a slide carousel.
      6. Print. Laser copies, photographs, portfolio book. Do not exceed 11" x 14" dimensions.
      7. Writing Samples. Limit: No more than 20 pages.
      8. Audiotapes or CDs.
    3. Creative Portfolio Contents Guide Sheet (see page 19).
    4. Creative Materials Received Card (or sheet).
    5. A self-addressed, stamped envelope (if you want your creative materials returned).

Center for Advanced Digital Applications

Deadline: June 1st 

Submitted by Nick Weber and Andy McGrath

Ohio State University - Art and Technology:

Ohio State University Graduate Admissions

Art and Technology Department:       |       Art and Technology courses

Resources available to the school:
ACCAD Advanced Center for the Arts and Design    |     New Media Robotics Laboratory    |     Holography Laboratory    |     Wexner Center for the Arts    |     Media Arts & Culture Colloquium

Application Information
Graduate Application (PDF format)
Who to contact for Art and Technology Program or ACCAD: Midori Kitagawa,

phone: 614-292-5072; email:

Fellowships: Yes.

Submitted by Nick Weber and Rebecca Crockett

Ohio University

Submitted by Kristin Walker

San Francisco Art Institute - M.F.A.

Phone: 1-415-771-7020
The goal of San Francisco Art Institute's MFA Program is to help students develop an independent body of work to be pursued throughout their lives. Students may enroll in the MFA Program through the following disciplines: Filmmaking, New Genres, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture.

Submitted by Beth Kalinsky

San Francisco State University - Art and Art History

Phone: 1-415-338-2234
Two graduate programs are offered--an M.A. with an emphasis in Art History and an M.F.A. in Studio Arts. The three-year professional M.F.A. curriculum is an integrated course of study across a spectrum of studio arts and their adjunct fields of theory, history, and criticism. The M.A. prepares students for doctoral studies and for careers in galleries, museums, and other community institutions. Specializations are available primarily in modern and contemporary--including feminist--art, a variety of Western European topics, and the arts of Africa, the Pacific, and Native Americas, including the Caribbean.

Submitted by Beth Kalinsky

San Jose State University - M.F.A.

Phone: 1-408-924-4346
Degrees Offered:
M.A. - Art
M.F.A. - Art, Concentration in Computers in Fine Art, Photography, Pictorial Arts, or Spatial Arts

Submitted by Beth Kalinsky and Andy McGrath

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago:

Graduate Programs and Resources

Art and Technology Studies Department       |       Art and Technology courses

Film, Video and New Media Department       |       Film, Video, and New Media courses

Visual Communication Department       |       Visual Communication courses

Resources available to the school: The Art Institute of Chicago

Deadline: Jan 10, 2003 Admissions Requirements

Graduate Application (PDF format)
Deadline: Jan. 10

Who to contact for Art and Technology Studies: Tiffany Holmes,
Fellowship: No

Submitted by Rebecca Crockett and Andy McGrath

Simon Fraser University- School for the Contemporary Arts - Master of Fine Arts

Phone: 1-604-291-3724
The MFA Program provides advanced professional training for artists in dance, film, music, theatre and visual art. Designed to emphasize the close relationships between art forms, the MFA program is dedicated to fostering creativity through interdisciplinary explorations, studio training and the integration of new technoologies in the fine and performing arts. Successful applicants typically have an undergraduate degree, substantial training in at least one art discipline, evidence of an active art practice, and a clear interest in interdiciplinary experimentation and the interrelationships among the arts.

Submitted by Beth Kalinsky

Syracuse University:

Deadline: December 1st

Submitted by Nick Weber, Andy McGrath and Matt Garglianos

University of Alberta - Department of Art and Design- M.F.A. Program

Phone: 1-780-492-5712
Programs leading to the MFA degree are designed to provide advanced studies in painting, sculpture, or printmaking

Submitted by Beth Kalinsky

University of British Columbia - Faculty of Graduate Studies - MFA and MA

Phone: 1-604-822-2848
MFA with a focus on painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and sculpture.

Submitted by Beth Kalinsky

University of California, San Diego - Department of Visual Arts - M.F.A.

Phone: 1-858-534-2862
areas of specialization include painting, sculpture/installation, computing, film/video, photography, performance, and criticism.

Submitted by Beth Kalinsky

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC):

UIC Graduate College

Art and Design Department

Photo/Film/Electronic Media Department Paths of Study: Photography, Film/Animation/Video, & Electronic Visualization

Studio Arts Department Paths of Study: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, & New Genre

Courses:       |

Resources available to the school: Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)

Graduate Application (PDF/web/request)
Deadline: Dec. 15 for Fellowship, February 1 for general

Program contact: phone: (312) 413-2550;

Fellowships: Yes.

Submitted by Rebecca Crockett

University of Southern California

Submitted by Kristin Walker

Université Laval - Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Visual Arts - MA

Phone: 1-418-656-2764 / 1-877-785-2825
Degrees Offered: M.A.- Maitrise en arts visuels (design graphique et multimedia)

Submitted by Beth Kalinsky

University of Victoria- Visual Arts- M.A. - Visual Arts

Phone: 1-250-472-4657

Submitted by Beth Kalinsky


Application deadline- Semester 1: November 15 | Semester2: May 15

Submitted by Diane Simo


Submitted by Diane Simo


Submitted by Diane Simo

Schools that offer degrees in computer art, but not sure if they have masters programs

Traditional and Computer Animation

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

Art Center College of Design

Art Institute of Dallas

Cogswell Polytechnical College

Mississippi State University (Masters Program)

Pratt Institute

Rhode Island School of Design

Ringling School of Art and Design

Rochester Institute of Technology (Computer Animation program)

San Francisco Academy of Art

School of Communication Arts

School of Visual Arts

Sheridan College

Texas A&M University

University of Southern California

Computer Graphics

Brown University

California State University, Hayward

California State University, Irvine

California State University, Monterey

Cornell University (Program of Computer Graphics)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

New York Institute of Technology

Savannah College of Art and Design

Stanford University (Computer Graphics Laboratory)

University of California, Berkeley (Computer Science Division)

University of California, Davis (Computer Graphics Group)

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Dept. of Computer Science)

University of Pennsylvania

University of Washington (Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering)

University of Utah


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