Artc 409 Fall 2002
Professional Practices
Heather Elliott

Assignment #8:
DUE: Thursday, November 21

PART I: Reading #6 - pp. 123-131 (Censorship, Contracts, preparation)

Read AND PRINT OUT Reading #6 - Packet pages 1123-131 on BGSU ERes - Electronic Reserve

- Restrictions on Artistic Expression: Obscenity , (Karlen, Peter )
- Artist Agreement/Contract
- Appendix 1: Photographing Your Work (Vitali)
- Appendix 2: Color and Black-and-White Slides (Vitali)

READ and COMPREHEND. Come to class prepared to discuss on Thursday, November 21. when this is DUE!

PART II: Reading (Copyright Law)

Visit: Indiana University Copyright Management Center

PRINT AND READ: Go to the following URLs and read the following articles. Bring printouts to class.

Fair Use: Overview and Meaning for Higher Education

Fair-Use Checklist (only for your reference)

READ The Handout: A Balancing Act: Copyright in the Electronic Age From: Fair Use Statement by Visual Resources Association to NII Working Group on Intellectual Property

ANSWER the questions on the Take Home Quiz on Copyright. It will be collected and discussed next week.

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