Starting points and sources for Appropriation and Parody

Sites with examples

We Will Rock You - Emergency Broadcast Network - music video style Political commentaries (excellent editing!) - critical art site dedicated to recycled culture -FUN!

®™ark - Funders/supporters of corporate products sabotage and intellectual property disobedience.

Adbusters-culture jammers magazine and website, "creative resistance" projects, etc.

Ad Parodies - print ad spoofs

Memefest - International Festival of Radical Communication - enter your work here

Horizon Zero - ReMix Culture


These sites host FREE Public Domain, Royalty Free images, sound, and movies
Email me if you find any other sites, and I will add the links to this page!

Prelinger Archives :: - more prelinger and other: ::

Machinima - 3D animations using gaming engines ::

Sound Dogs - Royalty Free Music ::

• / Prelinger archives:

• OpenFlix:  (has a list of films that ARE public domain by genre)

Free Public Domain Movies:

• US National Achives:  (US government footage!)

Entertainment Magazine Free Movies:

• Wikipedia’s list of films in the US public domain:

Another list:

• Musopen: free classical musical recordings:

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