ARTC 3440, Spring 2015
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Final Exam (Video Art Identification) Study Guidelines
EXAM: Wednesday, April 29

In this course, we have screened 28 different Video Art / Film works. For the final exam, you will need to identify 30-second clip excerpts from TEN of those works.

For each clip, you will need to know:

  1. Artist's Name (1 pt)
  2. Title of the video (1 pt)
  3. Year (+ / - 3 years) (1 pt)
  4. Brief Description of the piece (more the better) (2 pts)
Therefore, each clip is worth 5 points each, for a total of 50 points.

To make it easier, I have narrowed it down to these 15 choices:

Joan Jonas Vertical Roll 19:37 1972
Peter Campus Three Transitions 5:30 1973
Martha Rosler Semiotics of the Kitchen 5:30 1975
Vito Acconci The Red Tapes, Part II (excerpt) 2:20:00 1976
Bill Viola The Reflecting Pool 7:00 1977-79
Linda Montano Mitchell's Death 22:00     1977-78
Dara Birnbaum Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman     5:50 1978-79
Sadie Benning A Place Called Lovely 14:00 1991
Rea Tajiri History And Memory 32:00 1991
Joe Gibbons Pretty Boy 3:00 1994
Edward Rankus     Nerve Language 10:07 1995
Brian Springer Spin 57:30 1995
Miranda July The Amateurist 14:00 1998
Jeanne Finley Loss Prevention 17:00 2000
Art Jones Love Songs #1: blow (#2) 3:35 2001

To study, you can refer to the page of links here: Video Artists Page for more information and review the handouts I gave you with each screening.

If you need a refresher, you may also come to my office hours, Thursdays 10:30am-12:30pm to screen.

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