ARTC 3440 - Spring 2015
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Final Project Guidelines
DUE: Tuesday, May 5, 10:45am
100% finished and copied to HW folder for final critique.

** Your final grade will be comprised of grades based on meeting all of the deadlines and the thoroughness of the script and storyboard, so be sure to come to class prepared! You will need to upload assignments to Canvas for this final project

The final is worth 100 points, so please take every deadline seriously!

Create a 3-6 minute video, content of your own choice, but approved by the professor. You may choose to experiment with form, content, or hopefully both. You may make an experimental piece, a narrative, or a documentary . You may also create a video installation if you chose, considering the space where you will install the piece. The only RULES are that it must be art, and you CANNOT use any copyrighted sound or image, unless doing a parody. The following are NOT PERMITTED: MTV-style music video, commercial video.

Things to Consider:

PART 1: Professional Proposal & Synopsis:(Due Wednesday 4/8): You must write a professional, well-written Project Proposal. This must include separate PARAGRAPHS for each of the following:
1) Your concept clearly stated (the main point of your video)
2) Types of shots and camera work you will utilize when shooting, location of the piece, etc.
3) What your intention is with the piece (what you want the audience to think about with the piece)
4) Details about the soundtrack - how you will use all three types of sound (music, sound effects, and speech)
5) A brief Synopsis of your video piece:
    Quick read on how to write a synopsis and samples here

**It must be in paragraph form, spell checked, grammar checked, and typed. Each paragraph must have several sentences of descriptive writing. If you need help writing, use the BGSU Learning Commons. Upload the file to Canvas before start of class. We will give you feedback to help you toward your storyboard.

PART 2a: SCRIPT / SHOTLIST REQUIREMENTS (Due Monday 4/13 - Upload a .xls file to Canvas before start of class. You may use the "Sample Shot List" as a starter!
Your "script" must include an initial paragraph describing your idea, and shot-by-shot descriptions of the visual and aural sequence. If there is dialogue or voiceover, it must be included.

Use this Shot List spreadsheet

Part 2b: STORYBOARD REQUIREMENTS (Due Wednesday 4/15 - scanned (or digitally created in photoshop) and uploaded to Canvas before class.

Blank Storyboard: SD (4:3) or HD (16:9) templates

Your storyboard must contain the following:

  1. A NEAT, clear (readable) sketch of the shot
  2. Description of plot / action of story
  3. Transitions (dissolves, wipes, cuts, fades)
  4. Description of Camera work (i.e. close-up, pan, track, midshot, etc.)
  5. Soundtrack (description of narration, sound effects, non-diegetic sounds, etc.)
  6. TIMECODE: length of shot, overall time (min:seconds)

Wednesday, April 8: First Draft of Proposal for Final Project (typed) DUE - email to Heather - copy to google drive
Monday, April 13: Script / Shotlist for final project DUE; copy google drive for grade. Present to class - CRITIQUE.
Wednesday, April 15: Storyboard DUE; Scan and copy into HW folder for grade.
Wednesday, April 22: Rough Cuts DUE: Individual In-Progress Critiques (graded)
Tues, May 5: FINAL CRITIQUE (10:45am-12:45pm)! Videos due, copied to HW folder
Wed, May 6: Video Art Final DVDs and Final Project .mov's due 3pm SHARP in box outside my door

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