ARTC 4440 / 5440, Spring 2014
Advanced Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Assignment #1: Who Am I?
Due: Wednesday, January 15

Description: Video production is a collaborative effort. Getting to know each other and learning each other's strengths from the get-to will be very helpful as we move forward in learning more complex techniques that require more than one person, ie.e require collaboration. Create a 1-2 minute video that introduces someone that you just met to the rest of the class. One per person.

Exercise Objectives:

Step 1: Concept Development / Research: With your partner: Take 15-20 minutes to interview each other: Take notes. Here are some possible starting “prompts” for your story:

Step 2: Screenplay / Storyboard:  Look over your notes, and decide what part of the interview would make the most compelling 1-2 minute story that is interesting, informative, and memorable - that (however loosely) introduces your partner. Only take about 10-15 minutes to figure this out. Sketch out a storyboard or make a shot list to help you plan.

Step 3: Camera:  Use the remainder of class and time outside of class to shoot both of the planned videos (one per person).  Take a turn as:

  • Director & Cinematographer:  
  • Actor / Interviewee: (subject of the video)
  • Film the footage needed to create a 1 to 2-minute video about your partner that introduces him/her to the class. The requirements are:

  • BE CREATIVE!  Play with the camera angles, staging, composition, etc. SHOW US YOUR ARTISTIC SKILLS! Consider using multiple camera angles or camera movements.

  • SHOOT B-ROLL! Incorporate B-Roll, insert shots, or found footage, not just a talking head. Consider how you can use additional images to heighten or illustrate the interview. (can do now or later!)

  • BE PROFESSIONAL! White balance, manual focus, select the best lighting for the mood of the piece! SHOW US WHAT YOU KNOW!

    Step 4: Edit: cut a 1 to 2-minute video that introduces your partner using the interview and b-roll footage you shot. You may also cut in footage from their own video / film projects (download from vimeo, etc.). Get the majority of the work done before next class (get everything rough-edited in Final Cut), although we will have some time in class to edit.

    Step 5: Render: Render your video and upload it to your vimeo account on Wednesday. We will watch these in class. (Lab will be open before class on Wednesday.)


    Camcorders Available at:

  • School of Art MCaP (Media Cage and Print lab), 1024 Fine Arts Center, Mon-Wed 8:15am-7pm, Fri 10am-1pm (5 MiniDV, 3 HDV, and 3 HD camcorders, 9 DSLRs)
  • STAC (Student Technology Assistance Center, 122 Jerome Library (1st floor), Mon-Wed 8am-10pm; Fri 8am-5pm, Sundays 6-10pm; phone: 372-9277

    Video Tapes:

  • BGSU Bookstore, MiniDV
  • B&H Photo Video, MiniDV $1.99+ each depending on quantity

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