ARTC 3440 Reading 6 - take home quiz

Introduction to Documentary by Bill Nichols
Chapter 6: What Types of Documentary Are There?
Take Home Quiz
DUE Wednesday, February 27

1) List and describe each of the SIX Modes of Representation discussed in the article. Discuss the qualities of each mode and give a couple of examples of films that represent that mode listed in the reading.
(3 points each for description, 2 points each for examples) = 30 points

2) Choose one of the films mentioned in the article (one that most peaks your interest) and watch it. (You can find many of the older ones online, in the library, or via Netflix, etc.) Analyze the film and write a few paragraphs that give specific details as to why Nichols categorized it as a particular "mode," AND also feel free to point out any elements that cross over into other modes. Finally, do you feel it was an effective documentary? Why or why not?
(20 points)

Please write clear, full-sentence, well-written answers. Type it, print it, and bring it to class on the due date.

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