ARTC 3440, Spring 2013
Digital Video Art

Midterm Technical Exam Study Guidelines
EXAM: Wednesday, March 27

What to Study / How to Prepare for Digital Video Art Midterm Technical Exam:
This is a hands-on, one-on-one exam. Be prepared to demonstrate / Show the following:

  1. Hook up your external hard drive.
  2. Create a new project and set the scratch disk using the System Settings
  3. Arrange desktop to Dual Screen Editing.
  4. Create a new Bin and Set it as the Logging Bin
  5. Hook up the camcorder (provided)
  6. Digitize a shot (tape provided) using Log and Capture.
  7. Enter a reel name
  8. Hit Capture Now and digitize about 10 seconds of footage.
  9. Copy the "Import Me" folder on the Workspace to your Capture Scratch on your hard drive.
  10. In FCP: Import the files from the "Import Me" folder on your hard drive.
  11. Create a new Sequence called "FCP Exam"
  12. Open the new clip in the Viewer and
  13. Set an In and Out point for about an 8-second clip.
  14. Create a black Slug and put it in the timeline
  15. Create a title that says My Exam, using Gill Sans font (bold) that is light blue.
  16. Put the title over the Slug in the timeline
  17. Bring the 8-second clip into the timeline after the title.
  18. Choose a second clip and do an Insert edit after the first clip. Repeat with another clip.
  19. Create a transition (Cross Dissolve) between the slug and the first video clip.
  20. Change the Speed of the 2nd clip to 50%.
  21. In the Sequence Settings, turn on "Show Audio Waveforms"
  22. Use the Blade tool to trim the last clip (make it shorter)
  23. Color correct one clip using the Color Corrector 3-way effect.
  24. Add a Blur effect to one of the clips in your timeline.
  25. Add KEYFRAMES to slowly blur the clip from 0% to 20% over a few seconds.
  26. Show how to turn on the overlays in the timeline to see the opacity and audio level paths.
  27. Add an audio Crossfade to the audio clips in the timeline
  28. In the BROWSER: show how to sort by In point and view as Thumbnails.
  29. Know how to select and move clips around in the program, remove gaps.
  30. Export your file as a quicktime movie with the same settings as the sequence.

** Extra points for using Keyboard SHORTCUTS!

If you need a refresher, you may also come to my office hours, Wednesday 2:30-4:30pm.

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