ARTC 3440, Spring 2013
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Deadlines listed below


Extra credit points are added onto the OVERALL TOTAL of your grade points, so these are a great way to boost your final class grade.

** First time ever: If you have more than THREE absences, and your overall grade is being lowered as a result, you can complete any TWO of the items below, and in lieu of grade points, I will excuse one additional absence (only one absence per student).

1) Enter your artwork into the Sophomore or Junior Talent Awards Portfolio Competition. This is a portfolio competition for all FULL-TIME BA and BFA ART MAJORS in the School of Art. (5 points)

Guidelines and entry forms will be available outside the main office, 1000 Fine Arts Center. Drop off your portfolio by 9am on FRIDAY, March 22nd, 9:00 am.

2) Enter a video you created in this class into the 14th annual BGSU Film & Media Festival (3 points EACH)

Submit any/all of the projects you created in ARTC 3440. UFO/BGReel is looking for the very best student work in the following categories: Narrative Drama, Narrative Comedy, Narrative Horror, Experimental, Music Video, Documentary, and Animation.

The regular submission deadline is Thursday, March 21st. For that deadline your first submission is $10 and any subsequent film is another $5. For any submissions after that, the first submission is $15 dollars and any subsequent submission is $10. The late deadline is Thursday, April 4th. The event is April 12th-14th, 2013. Students can pick up submission forms in the Wolfe Centre in the film department, box office, and the film lab. Or they can download the submission line online:

Films can be turned in at UFO/BGReel meetings on Thursdays at 9PM in 105 South Hall or to Professor Thomas Castillo's mailbox at the Department of the Theatre & Film in the Wolfe Center.

UFO/BG Reel's facebook page

3) Create some sort of DIY rig for a camcorder / DSLR (varied points)

Look online and find instructions to build some kind of rig, steadicam, trolley, or tracking system. Bring it in and demo it for class.

4) Make an Interactive DVD of your Compilation Reel: Due Friday, 5/3, 3pm (5+ points)
Create a DVD with a menu in iDVD or DVD Studio Pro. You should have a "Play All" button, and a menu with choices (put the project titles). It MUST have your name and ARTC 3440 (or Digital Video Art) on the menu screen. (If you make Chapter Markers in FCP, it will automatically make the mapping of the buttons in iDVD). See the instructions I handed out.

5) Enter a video created this semester in a Festival: Due Friday, 5/3, 3pm (5+ points)
Find a Film Festival or exhibition and enter one of your videos from this class in it. Send me a copy of the completed Entry Form, including receipt of payment if there is a cost involved.
  1. Print the prospectus and entry form
  2. Prepare your entry. Include:
    - Copy of prospectus
    - Actual video you will send (label tape correctly)
    - Payment (check or money order), if applicable
    - SASE (If you want your materials back) and
    - Whatever else the prospectus requires.
    - Consider including a cover letter
  3. Place all the contents in an Unsealed but otherwise ready to mail envelope (unless online entry)
  4. Address and put the proper postage on the envelope (unless online entry)
  5. Hand in the completed packet by 3pm on Friday, 3 May.
You may enter more than one festival for more bonus points!

6) Final Master Reel - improvements to ARTC3440 projects: Due Friday, 5/3, 3pm (3+ points each)
If you have made any updates or improvements to project videos since returned with grades, you must indicate on your Final Video Checksheet Form. This will also give bonus points.

7) Submit videos created in this class into the End-Of-Year Digital Arts Party Reel: Due Wednesday, 5/1, 1pm (1+ points each)
Put an h.264 rendered movie from any of your four assignments this semester into the End-of-Year Screening for the Digital Arts Division. (to be played at the 7pm Party). Copy the files into the "00_EndOfYear_Screening" folder in the class HW folder by 1pm on Wednesday (absolute deadline)

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