Professor: Heather Elliott-Famularo
Office: 114 Fine Arts Building
Office Hours: Wed 2:30-4:30pm

ART 6050
Section 1001
2004 Fine Arts Center
W 6-8:50pm

Course Catalog Description: 

Fall, Spring. Directed studio research and creative production with group discussion and critiques in 2D studies, 3D studies, and Digital Arts. May be repeated to twelve hours.

Course Objectives:

This course allows graduate MFA students in Studio Arts the opportunity to meet weekly with colleagues to present, discuss, and critique their artwork. Students are expected to work independently on their own artwork throughout the semester while considering the feedback from this class. Some of my specific objectives are:

Course Content & Structure:

Students will regularly present and receive critiques of their artwork. Students will actively participate in the critique of colleagues’ artworks.

During the course individual students will be asked to:

As a direct result of the above, collectively, as a class, we will:

Grading & Expectations

This is a graduate-level course. The quality of your artwork was already “graded” upon acceptance into this program. Therefore, I will not be grading the quality of your artwork, but rather will be examining your performance in the class. Here is the breakdown:


The course meets only once a week for 2 hours & 50 minutes – a total of 15 times during the term. Students are expected to be here for every class. As a result, no more than two absences are permitted. Any additional absences (3+) will result in lowering your final grade by one full letter for each absence. More than four absences results in failing the course.

Recommended Textbook: 

The Critique Handbook: The Art Student's Sourcebook and Survival Guide, 2nd Edition, by Kendall Buster and Paula Crawford;  ISBN-10: 0205708110;  This is a must-have if you intend to teach.

Supplementary Resources:

Periodic handouts, readings, films, lectures, and exhibitions may be assigned to augment our discussions and assignments. You are encouraged to suggest and share any resources that you find that you think will make a contribution to the course.


Any student who wishes to discuss accommodations on the basis of a disability, please come talk to me after class or during office hours. The goal of the Disability Services for Students Office is to help provide equal access and reasonable accommodations to BGSU students with disabilities. Students wishing to discuss their eligibility for such accommodations are encouraged to contact their office at 372-8495 (413 South Hall).

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to maintain the highest level of integrity in their academic work. Cheating, fabrication or plagiarism are dealt with according to the policies outlined in the Student Handbook (Codes of Conduct).