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Video Production Files (Downloadable):

Weekly Time Sheet: Due each Tuesday at 10:30am
(download >> TimeSheet.pdf <<)

Team Hours Summary Spreadsheet (for PM's only)
(download >> PM_Timesheet_WeeklySummary.xls <<)

Storyboard Template:
(download >> Storyboard.jpg <<)

Video Logging Sheet (printable .pdf):
(download >> LogSheet.pdf <<)

Video Logging Sheet (editable .xls):
(download >> LogSheet.xls <<)

Video Release Waiver: All persons appearing in videos MUST SIGN
(download >> VideoRelease.pdf <<)

Production Shoot - Equipment Checklist: Contains list of what to bring to shoot and how to prepare.
(download >> VideoShootList.pdf <<)


Brainstorming Starters:

Mind Tools - Info & Guidelines:

Sources for Sounds and Music:
(Make sure you download copyright/royalty-free audio ONLY)

BGSU Omnimusic Library Available ON CAMPUS ONLY!

To download audio in Firefox: Find Audio file you want and hold down the Right mouse button over the link and Save Linked File As...

Pay for sounds: