Projects - Spring 2012 - ARTC 4410 - Bowling Green State University
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Weekly meetings
• 2 weeks of discussion and planning then visual progress the rest of the semester
• Each meeting lasts approximately 1 hour
• Have files ready to show before your meeting time begins
• You must meet with your group during class each week and also at least one other time outside of class
Project 1   |   Project 2   |   Project 3   |   Project 4   |   Project 5   |   Project 6

Group 1 (Demoreel):
Project Manager: Cory Scheerer
Eric Castle
Katie Fazekas
Nick Vincent

Group 2 (SoA Video):
Project Mgr: Luke Sommer
Aubrey Cox
Nick Gentile
Alexandra Kilker
Jeff Laclade
Nick Vincent
Group 3 (Bball Ref Rules):
Project Mgr: Chris Madaras
Katie Fazekas
Scott McPherson
Cory Scheerer
Stephen Shankster
Group 4 (TCS Promo):
Project Mgr: Jacob Pocock
Dominique Cummings
Kara Moosman
Brittany Petures
Shelby St. Clair
Group 5 (WCHS):
Project Manager: Morgan Owens
Melanie Albertson
Eric Castle
Chloe Cherubin
Emily Delinger
Jennifer Jenkins
Group 6 (Witness):
Project Mgr: Brandon Moore
Aaron Bronson
Abbot Skelding
Vy Tran
Project # Description
Project 1 Digital Art Interactive DVD: Demo Reel of 3D animations and videos (2 students)  ** DUE FOR CAA: February 15th!
Produce a Demo Reel for the Digital Arts Division.  This project involves compiling still images, videos, and animations from the past year.  NOTE: This spring, we will complete the project started last year. The intro animation is completed, but we need to get the sampler edited and the slideshows completed. This project will also need a sound track.  You will be responsible for gathering student work samples from DA faculty and arranging it. It should target prospective grad and undergrad students, companies that may want to hire our students or give us grants or equipment and others that just want to know what we are doing in the department. (view tapes, DVDs for examples)

  • Design an interactive main menu and submenus (in DVD Studio Pro)
  • Have chapters with different types of artwork
  • Should represent the categories: Imaging, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Interactive Media, 2D Animation, Video Art, Graduate Work
  • Put together a short compilation of segments of time-based work (i.e. the sampler)
  • Design intro credits and end credits
  • Add basic information about the department and faculty
  • Create music and narration if necessary
  • Create an overall design identity for the piece
  • Create packaging for distribution
  • Render web version
Client Contact: Heather Elliott-Famularo, Digital Arts department
Project 2 BGSU School of Art Promotional Video (3-4 students)
The School of Art at BGSU is comprised of 6 major divisions: Art Education, Art History, Digital Arts, Graphic Design, 2D studies, and 3D studies. We are producing an informational video that interested students and parents could view to learn more about our School. It will be published on the internet and distributed on DVD to interested parties. This project was started in Spring 2010 and must be finished by May 2012.

  • Develop an animated introduction to the video. this can be in 3D, Flash, AfterEffects, or any other creative method.
  • Design an interactive main menu and submenus if needed (in Photoshop and DVD Studio Pro)
  • Have chapters for different divisions
  • Can add a gallery of images (student work, events, etc.)
  • Develop a script for the voiceover
  • Shoot footage of facilities – Fine Arts Center, Wolfe Center, students working, interviews with students & faculty, etc.
  • Design intro credits and end credits
  • Add basic information about the school / contact info.
  • Create music and narration if necessary
  • Create an overall design identity for the piece (that goes along with existing identity)
  • Create packaging for distribution

Links: Client Contact: Katerina Ray - Director of the School of Art and Sara Schleicher - Admissions Coordinator
Project 3 Basketball Rules For Referees  - Blocking/Charging Animation/Video (3-4 students)
Basketball is probably the most difficult team sport to officiate, because the teams play at a fast pace in a confined area, and in a physical manner.  Among the most basic acts in the game are blocking, charging, screening, and guarding.  Interestingly, making correct calls involving these acts is very difficult, but with a thorough understanding of the principles, officials can consistently make these calls correctly. 

The purpose of this project is to employ a multimedia approach to teaching the principles of calling the block/charge, screening, and guarding correctly and consistently. The plan is to use high definition video from multiple angles to show actual players obtaining and maintaining legal guarding positions, as well as the proper way to set screens on stationary and moving players.  Since contact, sometimes violent contact, is involved in these plays, it is hoped that 2 and/or 3D stylized animation can be used to transition from actual player video to contact situations, thereby maintaining the safety of the players participating in the project.  Audio narration will be used throughout, and stop action and slow motion will be used to enhance the viewers' learning and understanding. 

This multi-disciplinary approach will result in a training tool that will be viewed and studied by basketball officials, coaches, and players all over the world as a result of it being placed on a national web site.  The students involved in this project will receive excellent exposure and will have an outstanding addition to their resumes.


  • shoot reference video of players
  • create time-based animations/videos of the examples
  • add necessary text and voiceover
  • create DVD with menus
  • Create an overall design identity for the piece
  • Create packaging for distribution
  • Render web version

  • Northwest District Basketball Officials Association:
  • See our first DVD volume (created in Spring 2011):
Client Contact: Scott Foor, Rules Interpreter, NWDBOA
Project 4 Toledo Christian School Promotional Video (2-4 students)
Toledo Christian Schools was founded in 1975 with the purpose of offering a Christ-centered education using biblical principles to help prepare students from pre-school through twelfth grade to glorify God in all that they accomplish in their lives. The school brand of “Strong Minds. Strong Faith.” has become widely associated with the quality of the students that Toledo Christian seeks to produce. The significance of an education obtained through TCS is that it is balanced. In fact, 80% of the high school student body is involved in both athletics and fine arts. The same holds true for the elementary and middle school grades, in which TCS offers a variety of sports, fine arts, and language clubs to help enhance the younger students’ overall foundation. TCS is also proud of its strong academic history, as the required grade levels have scored accelerated on such tests as the Ohio Achievement Assessment and the Ohio Graduation Test; several students each year are National Merit Finalists and/or National Merit Scholars. TCS proves its academic commitment to parents and students with accreditations from both the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement and the prestigious Association for Christian Schools International. Money Well Spent…You Bet!

The main objective for this promotional video is to increase enrollment and philanthropy for Toledo Christian Schools. A copy of the promotional video would go to interested families who are thinking about enrolling their children in TCS. The video would also be used as a sales tool for potential donors. The promotional video will be 3 minutes in length for the admissions and donor purposes and the second purpose for the promotional video will be for public advertising. Segments of the original video could be used for 30-second commercials spots for various advertising throughout the school year.

  • Shoot video of campus, classroom instruction for elementary, middle and high school
  • Shoot video highlighting the importance of: academics-Technology in classrooms, Chapel for elementary and high school, fine arts elementary, middle and high school and the importance of community involvement with TCares
  • Shoot video highlighting sports programs and other extracurricular activates
  • Interview key members of the administrative team, teachers, current students and alumni highlighting the benefits of TCS-spiritually & academically
  • Work with TCs to create storyboard, script and sound track.
  • Create an overall design identity for the piece
  • Create packaging for distribution
  • Publish final video :  Render web version

Links: Client Contact: Wendi Eldred, Toledo Christian Schools
Project 5 Wood County Humane Society Wine and Cheese Fundraiser (2-4 students)
The Wood County Humane Society mission is to achieve the best possible treatment and quality of life for animals in Wood County, Ohio.  The Wine and Cheese is the major fundraiser for WCHS, with 150 attendees, a silent and live auction, food and wine, band and d/j, dancing, etc. This project is to create the entire campaign for the event, including publicity prior and graphics for the evening’s event itself. 

  • For event evening (5/21) (animation/video) of historic photographs, animals for adoption, scrapbook and previous event photos compiled into a professional collection to be projected during the event. (possibilities are slide show, powerpoint, video, etc.)
  • Print Advertising by 3/15:  Billboard, ads, flyers to be designed using logomark (existing) for event
  • Advertising by 3/15: TV and radio spots to be created, more information to come from BGSU TV.

Links: Client Contact: Jacqui Nathan, WCHS Board President.
Project 6 Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors– Motion Graphics for Documentary Film  (2 students)
Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors is a documentary film that records the oral histories of six Holocaust survivors. The film will be broadcast on WGTE in 2012, and offered nationally on the PBS national service (NDA). The editing is being completed by the filmmaker, but we are looking for students to create the motion graphics animations needed to support the survivors’ stories. This would include, but is not limited to: animating historic photographs, creating and animating maps, lower-thirds design, etc. We also need packaging design for the DVD.


  • Create vector maps of WWII Europe in Illustrator (using decided color scheme, style, text consistent with overall piece)
  • Animate maps in After Effects
  • Design DVD interface (Photoshop and DVD Studio Pro)
  • Design packaging in Illustrator (DVD cover and disc face)

Links: Client Contact: Heather Elliott-Famularo, Director / Producer