ARTC 4410 Assignments
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Assignment #1: 7-min Artist Presentation of Your Artwork

Your Work DUE: Thursday, January 12 / Tuesday January 17
Write-up DUE via email Wednesday, January 18 by 9 AM SHARP!

Prepare a presentation and bring samples of your own artwork to class that best illustrate your current artistic focus, design style, and also highlights your technical skills. This will be your opportunity to introduce yourself and your work to the group. Since this class is essentially collaborative, this presentation will be a method for us to see each others' skills and interests in relationship to our own and help us to develop the strongest teams possible. This is your chance to "Pitch" yourself to the group!

Only bring a few examples, as you will have just 7 minutes to present your work. You must show visual examples and also talk intelligently about your artwork and skills. **Practice your presentation, as you will NOT BELIEVE how quickly 7-minutes pass.** Have your artwork prepared BEFORE the start of class. (for example, have your work hung, digital files loaded, tapes cued, etc.). You may show: slides, video, digital files, and / or original artwork. Equipment will be available at 10am in room #1100 Fine Arts Ctr. If you are not ready prior to the start of class, your grade WILL BE REDUCED.

This is your opportunity to "sell yourself," so take this seriously! The quality of your presentation will help determine which project you will be assigned to, so BE PROFESSIONAL! If you are interested in a particular project, be sure to show and contextualize relevant work.

After presenting your work and viewing your classmates' work, TYPE a 1-2 page write-up containing paragraphs with the following:

  1. Your current artistic and technical focus for your own artwork
  2. What technical skills you bring to the class
  3. State whether or not you are interested in being a Project Manager and explain why.
  4. Describe which THREE project(s) you are most interested in and why (rank top 1,2,3)
  5. A paragraph listing at least two classmates whose work you think compliments your own. These could be students who you may be interested in working with this semester. You should compare and contrast your work with theirs, indicating ways in which your artistic style could compliment theirs.
EMAIL THIS BY WEDNESDAY, January 18, 9am to helliot(at) as I will announce the teams in class on Thursday.