ARTC 4440, Spring 2011
Advanced Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Project #1: Incorporating Effects
DUE: Thursday, February 17 Thursday, February 24
100% finished and copied to HW folder by 1pm

Create a 2-5 minute video, content of your own choice, that includes some of the new effects that we have learned in Final Cut Pro. You may use one effect over the whole piece, or a variety of effects throughout. You may choose to experiment with form, content / concept, or hopefully both. You may make an experimental piece, a narrative, or a documentary. The only RULES are that it must be art, it must be professionally shot, and you CANNOT use any copyrighted sound, unless doing a parody. The following are NOT PERMITTED: MTV-style music video, commercial video.

Things to Consider:

Reading #1: (Due Tuesday 2/1):
Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Compositing (pgs 1-14) from The Art and Science of Digital Compositing, Second Edition: Techniques for Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics By Ron Brinkman.
        Download HERE: Reading1.pdf

PART 1: Professional Proposal: (Due Tuesday 2/1): Write a professional, well-written Project Proposal. This must include a PARAGRAPH for each of the following:
1) your concept clearly stated (what is the piece about, what happens?)
2) what type of shots and camera work you will do when shooting
3) what your intention is with the piece (what you want the audience to think about with the piece)
4) details about the sound, editing, timing, and text if used.
5) what effects you will incorporate and HOW they will support your concept.
**It must be in paragraph form, spell checked, grammar checked, and typed. Bring the printout and email it by 2/1. We will give you feedback to help you toward your storyboard.

PART 2a: SCRIPT (Due Thursday 2/1):
Your script/shotlist should describe in detail each shot (every camera movement), any audio / dialogue, and effects. It can be in outline form as a list. Examples of scripts to download:

Part 2b: STORYBOARD (Due Thursday 2/1):
Your storyboard must contain the following:

  1. A Sketch of the shot (include effects if used)
  2. Description of plot / action of story
  3. Transitions (dissolves, wipes, cuts, fades)
  4. Description of Camera work (i.e. close-up, pan, track, midshot, etc.)
  5. Soundtrack (description of narration, sound effects, non-diegetic sounds, etc.)
  6. TIMECODE: length of shot, overall time (min:seconds)
Download an empty storyboard here:

Tues, Feb 1: Proposal for Project #1(typed) DUE; Present to class - CRITIQUE. Reading #1 Due;
Thurs, Feb 3: Storyboard & Script DUE
Thurs, Feb 10: Rough Cuts DUE: Individual In-Progress Critiques
Tues, Feb 15: Rough Cuts DUE: Individual In-Progress Critiques
Thurs, Feb 17: PROJECT #1 CRITIQUE!
Thurs, Feb 24: PROJECT #1 CRITIQUE! Videos due, .mov files copied to HW folder

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