Advanced Digital Video Art            ¥      ARTC 4440


Assignment #1: Re-viewing Film: Becoming a Critic!

(due Thursday, January 13 – bring to class for discussion)




1)    Choose a film (one you already know) on DVD. Select a short scene (1-2 minutes max) and watch it a few times (until you know the action/plot). Write down that basic plot here:






2)    Now watch the same scene WITHOUT sound. Concentrate on shots, angles, order, rhythm, etc. independently of sound. Write down your observations here:










3)    Now turn the audio on, watch it again. This time stop at edits, examine transitions, rewind watch again, notice the effects (a lot, a few?). Write your observations:










4)    Now, ONLY listen to the sound, donÕt watch the screen. Listen for nuances in the soundtrack – pull out the production sound versus the foley (added after). Pinpoint the speech, music, and noise (sound effects). Write down your observations:











5)    Finally, write a summary of your overall experience of this assignment. What are details that stand out that you missed the first time around? What are you more aware of? (USE BACK)