ARTC 4440 (Spring 2011) Advanced Digital Video Art

On Demand. Advanced Digital Video Art focuses on the creative production of time-based art using digital video and effects. Emphasis on advanced video concepts, techniques, and compositing. Production of both single and multi-channel videos and video art installation. Five studio hours. Prerequisite: ARTC 3440 or consent of instructor. May be repeated to six hours. Extra fee.

This course will focus on advanced video techniques using both Final Cut Pro and After Effects. In particular, we will begin working with more advanced cameras, such as the Canon DSLRs and HDV formats; Compositing - live action and 2d/3d elements with Green screening / keying and motion tracking masks; and more abstract techniques such as rotoscoping and motion graphics. We will learn how to properly include After Effects and Final Cut in the production pipeline.



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ARTC 4440 is taught by Professor Heather Elliott-Famularo
Digital Arts Department, Bowling Green State University.