ARTC 4410
Spring 2011
Master Schedule
1: DA Demo Reel 2: School of Art Promo Video 3: Toledo Sculpture Tour Video 4: GAS Conference Video 5: Basketball Referee Rules Video 6: Cleveland Fed Animation
Week #9 Tues 3/08     NOTES: Each section marked "Shooting" will take place over the week and do not have specific days.       Tues 3/08 Week #9
SPRING BREAK Thurs 3/10     **Group meetings take place on Frdays at 2:30       Thurs 3/10 SPRING BREAK
Week #10 Tues 3/15     Shooting & Editing: City Candy, Toledo Spain, Perspective Arcade Schedule Organization *Shoot 280 Brige *Meet with Heather     Tues 3/15 Week #10
  Thurs 3/17     Image work: Vietnam Peace Arch *Shoot Demonstration at Glass Pavilion: Jeff Mack 10:30/11am *Digitize bridge images *Email Toledo Library list of images   Cory: working on transitions. Zach: icons in Illustrator. His first scene half done by Tues. Marsh:finished first scene animation. ON Friday we put opening sequence and first scene together. Thurs 3/17  
Week #11 Tues 3/22     Shooting & Editing: Walbridge Park, Harvard Circle, Re-Shoots Image work: City Candy After Effects: Vietnam Peace Arch *Go to Toledo library to collect images they have prepared for us *Shoot Toledo scenes/zoo *Pull the images from archival folder that we need   Zach half done with first scene. Presentation with Todd. Tues 3/22 Week #11
  Thurs 3/24 CRITIQUE CRITIQUE Image work: Perspective Arcade After Effects: City Candy CRITIQUE Film Jack Schmidt and his studio tomorrow morning CRITIQUE CRITIQUE Thurs 3/24  
Week #12 Tues 3/29     Shooting & Editing: Walbridge Park, Harvard Circle, Family Image work: Toledo Spain After Effects: Perspective Arcade Film Mayor (waiting response)   Two scenes animated third begun. Cory to have another transition. Zach to have final audio finished. Tues 3/29 Week #12
  Thurs 3/31     Image work: Art Tatum Memorial After Effects: Toledo Spain *Work on editing film *Prepare for shoot of Collectors art tomorrow afternoon (2pm) *Shoot any Toledo scenes we still need   Zach gone this weekend. Marsh to continue work on third scene. Regroup, edit first two scenes if needed Thurs 3/31  
Week #13 Tues 4/05     Shooting & Editing: Walbridge Park, Harvard Circle, Who's Up? Image work: Kabuki Dancer After Effects: Art Tatum Memorial Finish digitizing all footage   create "map" ground for both Fed buildings. Tues 4/05 Week #13
  Thurs 4/07     Image work: Family (Thursday: Harvard Circle) After Effects: Kabuki Dancer (Thursday: Family) Meet with Hanson?   Zach to begin his second scene of animation. Zach first scene finished Thurs 4/07  
Week #14 Tues 4/12 CRITIQUE CRITIQUE CRITIQUE CRITIQUE CRITIQUE CRITIQUE Three scenes animated with transitions Tues 4/12 Week #14
  Thurs 4/14     Shooting & Editing: Who's Up? Image work: Walbridge Park After Effects: Harvard Circle Editing     Thurs 4/14  
Week 15 Tues 4/19     Shooting & Editing: Who's Up? Image work: Who's Up? After Effects: Walbridge Park Editing   Zach to finish his second scene. Four scenes finished. Tues 4/19 Week 15
  Thurs 4/21     After Effects: Who's Up? Editing     Thurs 4/21  
Week #16 Tues 4/26     Polishing Editing   Five scenes finished with transitions. Putting it all together, Tues 4/26 Week #16
  Thurs 4/28 CRITIQUE CRITIQUE CRITIQUE CRITIQUE CRITIQUE CRITIQUE everything ready to leave time for last minute editing Thurs 4/28  
FINALS FRIDAY 5/6     More Polishing/DVD Burning Final Editing     FRIDAY 5/6 Finals