Projects - Spring 2011 - ARTC 4410 - Bowling Green State University
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Weekly meetings
• 2 weeks of discussion and planning then visual progress the rest of the semester
• Each meeting last approximately 1 hour
• Have files ready to show before your meeting time begins
• You must meet with your group during class each week and also at least one other time outside of class
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Group 1 (Demoreel):
Project Manager: Cory Scheerer
India Dupre
Group 2 (SoA Video):
Project Mgr: Christian Daugstrup
Marsha Berning
Chris Carter
Jacob Pocock
Brittany Fritz (designer)

Group 3 (Toledo Sculpture Tour):
Project Mgr: Jesse Coder
Erin Niese
Catherine Schubert

Group 4 (GAS):
Project Mgr: Michelle Rucker
Nathan Day
Jarhette Burke
Chris Carter
Drew Sweress (designer)

Group 5 (Ref Rules):
Project Manager: Jose Borges
Tyler Bertrand
Myles Garlick
Angie Baker (Designer)

Group 6 (The Fed):
Project Mgr: Marsha Berning
Zach Brugger
Cory Scheerer
Project # Description
Project 1 Digital Art Interactive DVD: Demo Reel of 3D animations and videos
We produce an annual Demo Reel for the Digital Arts Division. This project involves creating a short introductory animation and editing together pieces of videos and animations from the past year. This project will also need a sound track. You will be responsible for gathering student work samples from DA faculty and arranging it. It should target prospective grad and undergrad students, companies that may want to hire our students or give us grants or equipment and others that just want to know what we are doing in the department. (view tapes, DVDs for examples)

  • Develop an animated introduction to the demoreel. This can be 3D or 2D animation, video or any other creative method.
  • Design an interactive main menu and submenus (in DVD Studio Pro or Encore)
  • Have chapters with different types of artwork
  • Should represent the categories: Imaging, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Interactive Media, 2D Animation, Video Art
  • Add a section for graduate student work
  • Can add a gallery of images for Digital Imaging and Photo
  • Put together a short compilation of segments of time-based work
  • Help select 3 or 4 longer pieces for the end of the demoreel
  • Design intro credits and end credits
  • Add basic information about the department and faculty
  • Create music and narration if necessary
  • Create an overall design identity for the piece
  • Create packaging for distribution
  • Redner web version
Client: Heather Elliott-Famularo, Digital Arts department
Project 2 BGSU School of Art Promotional Video
The School of Art at BGSU is comprised of 6 major divisions: Art Education, Art History, Digital Arts, Graphic Design, 2D studies, and 3D studies. We are producing an informational video that interested students and parents could view to learn more about our School. It will be published on the internet and distributed on DVD to interested parties. This project was started in Spring 2010 and must be finished by May 2011

  • Develop an animated introduction to the video. this can be in 3D, Flash, AfterEffects, or any other creative method.
  • Design an interactive main menu and submenus if needed (in DVD Studio Pro or Encore)
  • Have chapters for different divisions
  • Can add a gallery of images (student work, events, etc.)
  • Develop a script for the voiceover
  • Shoot footage of facilities, students working, interviews with students & faculty, etc.
  • Design intro credits and end credits
  • Add basic information about the school / contact info.
  • Create music and narration if necessary
  • Create an overall design identity for the piece (that goes along with existing identity)
  • Create packaging for distribution
Links: Client: Katerina Ray - Director of the School of Art and Sara Schleicher - Admissions Coordinator
Project 3 Art in Public Places - Sculpture Tour Video
Toledo has an impressive collection of public art, with large-scale sculptures, murals, and functional structures by noted artists from across the country. Many of these pieces were acquired through the pioneering 1977 ordinance that set aside one percent of Toledo's Capital Improvement Budget for the purchase, conservation, and public education of art. The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo - Art in Public Places Committee is sponsoring a video to highlight 18 of these public artworks. If the concept is approved by Toledo City Council, the video will be permanently displayed in City Council chambers where it will be visible to a wide variety of citizens and public officials. The video may also be used in other venues through out the city. The piece will be displayed through 4 synced monitors, turned vertically, and horizontally aligned. The project should include video, photos, potentially a map of the locations, some simple text including but not limited to the title, artist, material, year completed, council district and anything else that seems applicable to educating the public about the collection that is being featured.

  • stunning videography documenting the sculptures in different modes (day, night, snow, spring, etc.)
  • individual segments for each piece (1-2 minutes each)
  • motion graphics for transitions between pieces to connect the overall feel of the piece
  • must be silent for version in the City Chambers (but may use audio for other venues)
  • animated text: the Title, Artist Name, Year completed and a brief description about the piece
  • incorporation of the location through maps or other creative method
Links: Contact: Dan Hernandez, Art in Public Places Coordinator, Arts Commission of Greater Toledo
Project 4 Glass Art Society 42nd Annual Conference Promotional Video
The Glass Art Society is an international non-profit organization founded in 1971 whose purpose is to encourage excellence, advance education, promote the appreciation and development of the glass arts, and support the worldwide community of artists who work with glass. In recognition of the Toledo Museum of Art's role as the cradle of the American Studio Glass Movement, GAS will be holding its 2012 conference in Toledo, Ohio, June 13-16, 2012. In 1962, two experimental glass workshops held at the Museum proved that glass was a medium suitable for the expression of artistic ideas in a studio environment. They launched a movement that was propelled by an unprecedented collective enthusiasm and since has turned into an international phenomenon that continues to inspire experimentation. Toledo, America's Glass City, is welcoming again artists from around the world to celebrate the achievements of the past and to explore the seemingly endless possibilities of glass. Up to 2,000 people are expected to attend the conference, which will feature artist demonstrations, lectures and other activities at venues across the Museum campus and the city. GAS members are artists, students, educators, collectors, gallery and museum personnel, writers, and critics, among others. Jutta-Annette Page, curator of glass and acting curator of decorative arts at TMA, is a board member of GAS and has been active in bringing this prestigious conference to Toledo.

  • Shoot video of the TMA, Glass Pavilion, and other public glass works
  • Shoot video highlighting the commercial importance of glass in Toledo
  • Shoot video highlighting the best tourist-type stuff in Toledo (make it look good!)
  • Interview key figures (Jutta Page, a Toledo figure head, etc.)
  • Include information from submissions (deadline has passed, so all conference content is there)
  • Access records to include historic information
  • work with client in creation of a script, storyboard, and soundtrack
  • publish final video on the internet
Links: Contact: Jutta-Annette Page, Curator of Glass Toledo Museum of Art, Secretary Glass Art Society
Project 5 Basketball Rules For Referees Animation/Video
There are some violations in basketball that are difficult for referees to call. For example, the traveling rule involves many different scenarios that are hard to pick up clearly on game video. Plays are judged differently depending on whether the player with the ball is standing still or moving. Moreover, if the player is moving, does he/she have one or both feet off the floor when the ball is picked up (caught)? Another example is the "block/charge" play. Whether a player gets in position properly, on time, and then maintains that position depends on many things that could be much better illustrated by this video. There are several other examples that could be included, depending on the time, labor, and other factors involved. We will create a video or animation that uses slow-motion and freeze frames to demonstrate these technicalities. This will be an instructional video for Toledo officials that are interested in becoming a referee for games from grade school through high school. This could be realized in video FX, 3D, or 2D animation. The final format will be a video to be distributed on CD/DVD by the Northwest Ohio District Basketball Officials Association (NWDBOA). They will provide a set of electronic rules books for each student.

  • shoot reference video of players
  • create time-based animations/videos of the examples
  • add necessary text and voiceover
  • create DVD with menus
Links: Contact: Scott Foor, Rules Interpreter, NWDBOA
Project 6 Cleveland Federal Reserve animation
Some of the goals of the Cleveland Federal Reserve are to help people understand how economics impacts their lives and to promote the value of the work done at the bank. They have done many things to support that mission, but are always looking for ways to more clearly and simply communicate. A recent example is the Drawing Board video series launched last September, which was picked up by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NPR's Planet Money and dozens of other media outlets including the Plain Dealer in Cleveland. They would like to create an animation that discusses what people at the Fed do, how it functions, and how it matters in every day life. They want something simple, relevant, interesting, inventive, and even quirky that will draw a large audience. The video will be used for training, recruiting, and published on YouTube, through the media, etc.

  • use their interview video as a plate
  • use the script and audio they provide
  • 3-5 minutes of animation that will be used in a series of videos (3-4 total)
Links: Client: Todd Morgano, Public Information Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland