ARTC 4410 / ARTD 4060
Spring 2010
Master Schedule
1: DA Demo Reel 2: School of Art Promo Video 3: AIGA Conference 4: ISEA Website 5: SGC Website 6: Metadash Website 7: WCHS Newsletter 8: WCHS Fundraiser 9: It's About Movement
Week #6 Tues 2/16   Schedule Department Head interviews. Shoot gallery photos/footage. Determine concepts for 2D, 3D, and Video. Decide on one concept that works for all three elements. Start looking for recycled goods vendors. Continue building PHPMYAdmin setup; analyze Flash archive components and build archve sitemap Home page needs to be complete with all pages added in (in WP). Research two options we have for shopping cart - need to talk to Shaurya about them. Also find forum page, and begin adding content to the following pages : about SGc, Conference, Print Collection and archives, board of directors, and awrds. any design changes needed are corrected. Second set of comps presented.   PRESENT: animation storyboards & concept. Refinements to brochure and schedule for Denise. Tues 2/16 Week #6
  Thurs 2/18     Have a complete list fo what 2D elements need to be designed. A complete list of what should be constructed for the 3D elements. Have a storyboard and thumbnails for the video. Begin building sIFR text; begin site wireframes; Flash archive sitemap Find contact form and begin structuring that for the site. Add additional pages: member news, message board, awarded recognition, members websites, etc. Overview of design. Change any needed corrections. See class photos. Present final template to class Critique storyboard commercial. Select commercial footage. Present brochure and schedule to class. Thurs 2/18  
Week #7 Tues 2/23 Character Rigged. Environment models in progress. PRESENT: Final Storyboard & Character Designs AM: Meeting with KRR. Send faculty letter + request. Send FYP students Survey Monkey survey. Copy files to new harddrive. Critique storyboard. Start creating mockups and keyframes. Start building mini models of 3D elements. Design mock ups of 2D elements. ***Relay info from Jen regarding REPURPOSING wayfinding system. Confirmed: NO MUTLITPLE LANGUAGES. Flash comps, site wireframes Post a new job, event, opportunity, get the form to work. NAV BAR ready! Design complete, present final design. **Work on Color Palette Meeting with Jacqui 12:00 to present finalized template. **Redo comps with more pizazz! Prepare full color prints of billboards and ads. Have all footage to be used shot. Work on commercial. Meet with Denise again to discuss brochure and schedule. **no word from Denise Tues 2/23 Week #7
  Thurs 2/25 Show environment model. Make letter to send to DA faculty requesting materials. Digitize tapes already shot. Document ugrad show, iron pour, Maury Mountain, TMA field trip. Continue working on the three elements of the design. Write script/letter for potential donors. Dummy Site: present final comps and site wireframes to class. Make corrections Friday during weekly meeting, email to Sue Gollifer. 2010 conference Philidelphia. 2011 conference. Call for proposals, featured speakers, SGC exhibition. Links --> and New York AIGA trip. Fill in copy and ads Post newsletter ideas to Blog. Flyer mock up ready. Video fotage selected. Commercial almost done. PRESENT: BILLBOARDS   Thurs 2/25  
Week #8 Tues 3/02 Interface and packaging concepts. Schedule: Department Head Interviews. Compare GL/Vixia (decided GL2) 1:15pm: Meeting with Jen Ask Jen about donor recognition. Meet w/ Sue via Skype to finalize wireframes and comps graphic impressions: about, hot off press, call for papers. Contact us form. Join, rejoin, support, volunteer. Show NEW color palette options. Discuss best coding options. Go over coding that will be used Copy and ad deadline 3/1. Look at Billboard comp. Class critique for commercial. Work on pencil animations. Revise script/outline for video. Final tweaks to design. Tues 3/02 Week #8
  Thurs 3/04 Critique modeling and interface.   VISIT SCRAPBOX! Contact donors. PRESENT: Wireframes & selected Design. Animation Sample. Build site: PHP includes   HTML coding complete. Begin other coding. PRESENT: Comps Final to class. Finalize proof for Jacqui PRESENT: BILLBOARDS & ADS. Check animation progress! Show jacqui. Commercial due. PRESENT: color palattes. Thurs 3/04  
Week #9 Tues 3/09       Build site; PHP includes; begin CSS and Flash     Work on final   Send finals to Denise. Find a printer. Tues 3/09 Week #9
SPRING BREAK Thurs 3/11       Build site; PHP includes; CSS; Flash         More to add when Denise follows up with questions about the printer. Thurs 3/11 SPRING BREAK
Week #10 Tues 3/16 Models Rigged. Ping Pong built and rigged. Art selected - content by 3/17. Film school of art (buildings & labs starting 3/13). Finish design for menu and titles. Department Head Interviews. Finish design comps for package Start building the final models of the 3D element. Have print outs of all 2D work ready for critique. Have video work ready to critique as well. Build site: CSS, HTML, FLash template Final touches to all aspects of site. Code design of site.   PRESENT: billboards, ads & inked Anim#1 (meet w/Jacqui Monday or today)   Tues 3/16 Week #10
  Thurs 3/18 UV map - characters. Sound Effects found. PRESENT: Package comps. Finish Interviews, Film additional shots of building. Continue working on the three elements of the design. Build site; CSS, HTML, Flash template PRESENT: Site goes live today, 3/18/10. Overview of site progress. Discuss problems and solutions. Finalized proof to Jacqui PRESENT: billboards & ads with new designs. Due Monday 3/22.
–edit live video. Anim#2 pencil done.
  Thurs 3/18  
Week #11 Tues 3/23 Sound selected. Student interviews Continue working on the three elements of the design. Meet with Jenn for discussion of progress. Build Site.   Changes to design or coding made. Overview of site progress. Newsletter to Printer 3/24 Show final ads ads & Billboards Flyer comp in color. Work on animations. Anim#1: text added and rendered. Anim#2: inked.   Tues 3/23 Week #11
  Thurs 3/25 Breakdown completed. Critique animation progress, modeling, and interface. Finished Faculty Interviews. Continue working on the three elements of the design.         Comps for flyers [yard signs?], Anim#3: Pencil done.   Thurs 3/25  
Week #12 Tues 3/30   Determine which Division to complete video section. Start video editing. Begin wraping up all final designs and construction. Find and tweak any issues that remain.     Site is designed and coded and ready for web.   PRESENT: flyer [yards sign] comps. Anim#2: text & rendered.   Tues 3/30 Week #12
  Thurs 4/01 Packaging and interface complete. PRESENT: DVD interface comps and Final Package. Wrap up video work. Finalize all 2D work and prepare prints. Continue building 3D models. *Figure out who is transporting the materials, who is setting up, and who is working at the event. Build site; present interactive comps to class. Meet w/ Sue Gollifer via Skype.   Upload site to web. Site goes live.   Anim#3: inked. Meet with Jacqui   Thurs 4/01  
Week #13 Tues 4/06 Animation complete. Film any additional footage. Continue construction of 3D. Finalize video, have all 2D work complete.       Newsletter Mailed 4/5 Anim#3: text & rendered. All animations finished, PRESENT: flyers [yard sign]   Tues 4/06 Week #13
  Thurs 4/08 Photos due.   Help 3D team with construction of final models. Finish any work for 2D and video. Final site construction.       Show Jacqui Flyers and video progress   Thurs 4/08  
Week #14 Tues 4/13   PRESENT: Final Interface Design Help 3D team with construction of final models. Finish any work for 2D and video. Final site build; begin browser testing/ debuggin/ additional stylesheets       Final changes for flyers-Due Thursday. put video together.   Tues 4/13 Week #14
  Thurs 4/15     Continue construction. Meet with Jenn.         FLYERS [& YARD SIGNS] DUE   Thurs 4/15  
Week 15 Tues 4/20 Final Video done and rendered. Finalh design/ packaging Final critiques. Continue 3D construction. Present final site to class for review       PRESENT: Video   Tues 4/20 Week 15
  Thurs 4/22 DVD prototype due.   Finalize everything. Make modifications today and during Friday meeting       Meet w/Jacqui   Thurs 4/22  
Week #16 Tues 4/27 Crit of DVD as a whole.   Final final touches. Everything must be done. Present final site to Sue Gollifer       Work on details, make any necessary changes. Final changes to video   Tues 4/27 Week #16
  Thurs 4/29 10 copies of DVD due. Finish 1 section of video Everything is complete and ready for transportation to the Crowne Plaza. FTP new site onto server w/o live Flash component. Hand off live Flash component to Drupal CMS team in Netherlands.       VIDEO PRESENTATION DUE   Thurs 4/29