Projects - Spring 2010 - ARTC 4410 / ARTD 4060 - Bowling Green State University
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Weekly meetings
• 2 weeks of discussion and planning then visual progress the rest of the semester
• Each meeting last approximately 1 hour
• Have files ready to show before your meeting time begins
• You must meet with your group during class each week and also at least one other time outside of class
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Group 1 (Demoreel):
Project Manager: Chase Greenlee
Nick Yoho
Chory Scheerer
Danny Rings
Brent Eilerman
Group 2 (SoA Video):
Project Mgr: Christian Daugstrup
Chris Koelsch
Missy Davish
Ken Gifford
Kristen Carver
Group 3 (AIGA):
Project Mgr: Brent Eilerman
Anna Rampelt
Becky Hartwig
Zach Kraner
Alex Bortel
Abby Goldsmith
Jessica Murray
Group 4 (ISEA):
Project Mgr: Ben Byers
Chris Fraver
Kyle O'Brien
Josh Trieber
Group 5 (SGC):
Project Manager: Jessica Murray
Chris Carter
Nick Yoho
Alex Bortel
Group 6 (Metadash):
Project Mgr: Nick Schwerer
Chris Fraver
Chris Carter
Zach Kraner
Group 7 (HS Newsletter):
Project Mgr: Becky Hartwig
Andy Hernandez
Nick Schwerer
Ben Byers
Group 8 (HS Fundraiser):
Project Mgr: Abby Goldsmith
Alyssa Betz
James Blanton
Karle Witzman
Group 9 (Yoga):
Project Manager: Missy Davish
Ken Gifford
Group 10 (Women's History):
Project Mgr: Karle Witzman
Kristen Carver
Project # Description
Project 1 Digital Art Interactive DVD: Demo Reel of 3D animations and videos
We produce an annual Demo Reel for the Digital Arts Division. This project involves creating a short introductory animation and editing together pieces of videos and animations from the past year. This project will also need a sound track. You will be responsible for gathering student work samples from DA faculty and arranging it. It should target prospective grad and undergrad students, companies that may want to hire our students or give us grants or equipment and others that just want to know what we are doing in the department. Project sponsor is Heather Elliott-Famularo.

  • Develop an animated introduction to the demoreel. this can be in 3D or any other creative method.
  • Design an interactive main menu and submenus if needed (in DVD Studio Pro or Encore)
  • Have chapters with different types of artwork
  • Should represent the categories: Imaging, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Interactive Media, Virtual Environments, Video Art
  • Add a section for graduate student work
  • Can add a gallery of images
  • Put together a compilation of segments of animations
  • Help select 3 or 4 longer pieces for the end of the demoreel
  • Design intro credits and end credits
  • Add basic information about the department and faculty
  • Create music and narration if necessary
  • Create an overall design identity for the piece
  • Create packaging for distribution
  • web version
Project 2 BGSU School of Art Promotional Video
The School of Art at BGSU is comprised of 6 major divisions: Art Education, Art History, Digital Arts, Graphic Design, 2D studies, and 3D studies. We would like to have an informational video that interested students and parents could view to learn more about our School. It will be published on the internet and distributed on DVD to interested parties. Project sponsors are Heather Elliott-Famularo, Sara Schleicher, and Katerina Ray.

  • Develop an animated introduction to the video. this can be in 3D, Flash, AfterEffects, or any other creative method.
  • Design an interactive main menu and submenus if needed (in DVD Studio Pro or Encore)
  • Have chapters for different divisions
  • Can add a gallery of images (student work, events, etc.)
  • Develop a script for the voiceover
  • Shoot footage of facilities, students working, interviews with students & faculty, etc.
  • Design intro credits and end credits
  • Add basic information about the school / contact info.
  • Create music and narration if necessary
  • Create an overall design identity for the piece (that goes along with existing identity
  • Create packaging for distribution
Project 3 Flash/AE intro graphics animation, Set, and Signage Design for AIGA teaching conference
response_ability ethics and sustainability in design education
May 15-16, 2010 - Toledo, OH

response_ability, an AIGA Design Educators Conference, aims to foster an ongoing dialogue and debate about design ethics, sustainability and design education. How can we (should we?) create students who feel a responsibility to their world? How do we, as educators, instill the capacity for our students to become thinking, ethical designers? Where do we find ourselves between these theories and practices? And how do we translate the ideas of AIGA's The Living Principles in the classroom and beyond?

Through a series of group discussions, workshops, lectures, speakers and learning sessions, opportunities for open dialogue will be facilitated. Participants will be encouraged to share their challenges and achievements with others, uncover our educational shortcomings, identify our responsibilities, and offer pathways to solutions, all for the greater good of design and the global community. 200+ attendees are expected! Project sponsor is Amy Fidler.

The deadline corresponds with the conference dates, May 15-16, 2010 - Toledo, OH

  • one short minute motion graphics animation to introduce conference participants (projected behind speaker in lecture hall)
  • Must be editable (to enter each speaker's name and info)
  • Must be based on existing conference design identity and support "green" initiatives of conference
  • Set Design: Design and build presentation set(s) for speakers (support banners and frame projection)
  • Signage: Design wayfinding signage system for conference participants (maps, room signage, schedule of events, etc.)
Project 4 Website for ISEA
Founded in the Netherlands in 1990, the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA) is an international nonprofit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and emerging technologies. This project involves revamping and updating the current website which includes information regarding their current activities including the Symposium, Archive and general information for the international art, science and technology community. Project sponsor is Sue Gollifer, Director ISEA International Headquarters.

  • Redesign of CURRENT WEBSITE (not archive)
  • May not be able to radically change look of main site, but add new features and copy.
  • Add forums, twitter, facebook, etc.
Project 5 Website for Southern Graphics Council
The Southern Graphics Council is a nonprofit membership organization that advances the professional standing of artists who make original prints, drawings, books, and hand-made paper. The Council also strives to increase public appreciation of these arts. Through an annual conference that draws participants from across the nation and increasingly attracts international participation, significant dialogue and exchange of technical and critical information occurs. Awards, publications and exhibitions sponsored by the Council promote greater understanding, scholarship and enjoyment of these art forms.

The website design has already been agreed on last semester, but needs to be implemented. Project sponsor is Shaurya Kumar.

  • Implement agreed upon design and launch in March for SGC Conference.
  • Must use WordPress openSource software to implement for ease of use for future content developers
Project 6 Metadash website redesign
Metadash is BGSU's graphic design ARTD 4060 Practicum class (our class). This will be the site that presents all the information to potential clients about the program, including: a gallery, mission statement, business plan, awards & achievements, and donations. It is designed, but needs tweaking and coding to go live. It should also be expanded to include Digital Arts collaboration and past projects. Project Sponsor is Lori Young.

  • website tweaking and implementation
  • Rethink structure & how gallery works (functionality)
Project 7 Wood County Humane Society Newsletter Design
The Wood County Humane Society mission is to achieve the best possible treatment and quality of life for animals in Wood County, Ohio. This project is to design a Quarterly newsletter for patrons and volunteers, used to announce upcoming events and fundraisers. It will be sent out via snail mail and posted on their website. Continuous Project. Project Sponsor is Jacqui Nathan, WCHS Board President.

  • Template for one-color printed newsletter complete. Need to resign template to be in color and functional for the web.
  • Template needs to be a one-step, one application process: the content will be added at one time in one application, but the final production will be in both print and web form.
  • InDesign is the application to date.
  • Each semester students will design newsletter and put into projection using template.
Project 8 Wood County Humane Society Wine and Cheese Fundraiser May 21st
The Wood County Humane Society mission is to achieve the best possible treatment and quality of life for animals in Wood County, Ohio. The Wine anc Cheese is the major fundraiser for WCHS, with 150 attendees, a silent and live auction, food and wine, band and d/j, dancing, etc. This project is to create the entire campaign for the event, including publicity prior and graphics for the evening’s event itself. Project Sponsor is Jacqui Nathan, WCHS Board President.

  • For event evening (5/21) (animation/video) of historic photographs, animals for adoption, scrapbook and previous event photos compiled into a professional collection to be projected during the event. (possibilities are slide show, powerpoint, video, etc.)
  • Print Advertising by 3/15: Billboard, ads, flyers to be designed using logomark (existing) for event
  • InDesign is the application to date.
  • Advertising by 3/15: TV and radio spots to be created, more information to come from BGSU TV.
Project 9 It's About Movement
It's About Movement provides services to empower the client/student to move forward in his or her life, into a life in which each individual consciously creates a life of happiness and joy. It is a new Yoga company in Perrysburg. Project Sponsor is Denise Ellis, owner.

  • Brochure design for print and web. Client is looking to expand existing services and attract more members.
  • Comps have been created meeting with client is next step.
Project 10 Women's History Month poster
The BGSU's Women Center's mission is to provide resources, support, and advocacy for women as they pursue their individual and collective goals; to enrich the University community by providing a forum for women's cultural, intellectual, social, aesthetic, and spiritual lives; to make manifest the University's commitment to maintaining a campus climate in which women receive equal access, just treatment, and opportunities to utilize their talents to their fullest and most meaningful extent. March is Women's History Month. Design a 4-color poster announcing events held at or in conjunction with the Women's Studies program/center. Project Sponsor is Mary Krueger, Ph.D.; Director, Women's Center.

  • Quick turnaround (early February)
  • 4-color poster, designed and sent to production.