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1: DA Demo Reel
Team Epic Explosion

PM: Chase Greenlee
Nick Yoho
Chory Scheerer
Danny Rings
Brent Eilerman

Thursday 9-12
2: School of Art Promo Video
The Terrifying Pizzazz-A-Raptors (TPR)

PM: Christian Daugstrup
Chris Koelsch
Missy Davish
Ken Gifford
Kristen Carver

Sunday 3-6pm
3: AIGA Conference
The GREEN Team

PM: Brent Eilerman
Anna Rampelt
Becky Hartwig (Archiver)
Zach Kraner
Alex Bortel
Abby Goldsmith (Secretary)
Jessica Murray (Presenter)

Wednesday 7-10pm
4: ISEA Website
Team Optimus Prime

PM: Ben Byers
Chris Fraver
Kyle O'Brien
Josh Trieber

Friday 5-8pm
5: SGC Website
Intaglio Bourbon

PM: Jessica Murray
Chris Carter (Presenter)
Nick Yoho (Archiver)
Alex Bortel (Secretary)

Saturday 9-12
6: Metadash Website

PM: Nick Schwerer
Chris Fraver
Chris Carter
Zach Kraner

Sunday 2-5pm
7: WCHS Newsletter
SAYMGB (So Awesome You Might Go Blind)

PM: Becky Hartwig
Andy Hernandez
Nick Schwerer
Ben Byers

Tuesday 6-9pm
8: WCHS Fundraiser
Thw Critters

PM: Abby Goldsmith
Alyssa Betz
James Blanton
Karle Witzman

Friday 6-9pm
9: It's About Movement
Ohm (symbol)

PM: Missy Davish
Ken Gifford

Monday 8:30-11:30
10: Women's History Month Poster

PM: Karle Witzman
Kristen Carver