PROJECT #3: Modern Abstract Self Portrait
3D primitives sculpture in Maya

Due: Tuesday, April 6 at start of class


The traditions of Modern Sculpture include abstract, non-representational forms in a variety of media. Using only Polygon Primitives in Maya create three different, unique 3D models in virtual space. These models will represent characteristics of you based on your own original drawings. This is an opportunity for you to create self-expressive artworks in an abstract way. Do not try to create humans or photorealism in your sculptures. Consider how the elements and principles of design can be used abstractly (space, shape, form, mass, line, texture, color, balance, etc.). Render out 6 still images of the sculptures (2 of each model) using good camera angles and compositions. Select your best two images to print at Fine Arts Print lab (upstairs).


Examine the subtleties of the modern sculptors you have researched. Consider the texture, the form, and the shape. Your time for this assignment will be primarily spent focusing on the modeling of the virtual sculpture. You will place the sculpture on a simple pedestal in a "gallery-like", neutral environment. Therefore, you will carefully compose and light the model to create an interesting atmosphere, simultaneously getting a strong final image of each sculpture.

PART 1- RESEARCH DUE: Tuesday, March 16

Perform research on modernist sculpture including constructivism, minimalism, etc.. Look up some of these artists:

Eva Hesse
Louise Bourgeoise
David Smith
Tony Smith
Mark Di Suvero
Robert Smithson
Nancy Holt
Henry Moore
Alberto Giacometti
Walter DiMara
Joan Miro
Joan Arp
Barbara Hepworth
Clyde Connell

  1. Research 5 of these artists through books (ARC- room 1023 or library) (You may use HIGH RES (greater than 800x600 pixels) online images only!)
  2. Scan/download 10 examples of their work (2 for each artist)
  3. Write a short description for each of the 5 artists discussing why you chose them (what you like about the work. Be critical of what is unique about their sculpture.)
  4. Post the results and images on your BLOG by Tuesday, March 16. You will be graded.

PART 2 - Modern Primitive Sculpture Drawings due: Tuesday, March 23

Create sketches for designs of 5 new, unique artworks inspired by the artists you researched. These sketches are the basis of the models you will create in Maya. You should create both orthographic and perspective drawings for EACH sculpture! Consider your personality and artistic style while designing the sculptures - let the design elements and principles express you! Bring your sketches (or post them to your BLOG) for class on 3/23.

What are Orthographic Drawings??

Orthographic projection (or orthogonal projection) is a means of representing a three-dimensional object in two dimensions. It is a form of parallel projection, where the view direction is orthogonal to the projection plane,[1] resulting in every plane of the scene appearing in affine transformation on the viewing surface. It is further divided into multiview orthographic projections and axonometric pictorials.

The term orthographic is also sometimes reserved specifically for depictions of objects where the axis or plane of the object is also parallel with the projection plane,[1] as in multiview orthographic projections.

>> Read more about Orthographic Drawings Here <<



Choose the THREE best designs to create THREE different sculptures in Maya. You will have 3 separate .mb scene files to turn in along with SIX rendered .tiff files on the due date.

Summary of Due Dates

Part 1: Research:
DUE: Tuesday, March 16

Part 2: Drawings:
DUE: Tuesday, March 23

THREE Final Images (tiffs) and Models (mbs)
DUE: Tuesday, April 6

Two PRINTS of your best compositions
DUE: Thursday, April 15