Projects - Spring 2009 - ARTC 441 - Bowling Green State University
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Weekly meetings
• 2 weeks of discussion and planning then visual progress the rest of the semester
• Each meeting last approximately 1 hour
• Have files ready to show before your meeting time begins
• You must meet with your group during class each week and also at least one other time outside of class
Project 1                          Project 2                          Project 3                          Project 4
Group 1 (Demoreel):
Zak Newman
Jen Chambers
Christina Sporleder
Group 2 (Women's Studies):
Josh Lightle
Danielle Capone
Justin Klein
Group 3 (SACI):
James Martin
Caleb Crossen
Andrew Jackson
David Taranto
Group 4 (MOCA):
Valerie Garblik, Anne Miller
Kyle Halowell, Beth Osterhues
Paul Jarvis, Marcos Sustre
Kathryn Kosey
Assignments Description
Project 1 Digital Art Interactive DVD: Demo Reel of 3D animations and videos
We produce an annual Demo Reel for the Digital Arts Division. This project involves creating a short introductory animation and editing together pieces of videos and animations from the past year. This project will also need a sound track. You will be responsible for gathering student work samples from DA faculty and arranging it. It should target prospective grad and undergrad students, companies that may want to hire our students or give us grants or equipment and others that just want to know what we are doing in the department. Project sponsor is Heather Elliott-Famularo.

  • Develop an animated introduction to the demoreel. this can be in 3D or any other creative method.
  • Design an interactive main menu and submenus if needed (in DVD Studio Pro)
  • Have chapters with different types of artwork
  • Should represent the categories: Imaging, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Interactive Media, Virtual Environments, Video Art
  • Add a section for graduate student work
  • Can add a gallery of images
  • Put together a compilation of segments of animations
  • Help select 3 or 4 longer pieces for the end of the demoreel
  • Create intro credits and end credits
  • Add basic information about the department and faculty
  • Create music and narration if necessary
Project 2 Women's Studies Video Diary & Promotion Preview Project
BGSU's first class in 1910 was all women. In 1978 the Women's Studies Program opened. Last year they celebrated the 30th anniversary of the program. Alumni, teachers and students filmed video memories of their experiences. Using these videos and collections of still historical and contemporary photographs, the WS program needs a 20-minute historical video that highlights their rich history and a 2-3 minute video that would be used to promote Women Studies on campus. The final project could be shown at the BGSU 100th Anniversary Gala, the spring 2009 WS Film Series, the NWSA Conference in Atlanta, GA, and WBGU. The digitized diaries will be published on the internet as well. Project sponsors are Mary Krueger, Susan Cruea & Vikki Krane.

Project 3 SACI Promotional Video
SACI (Studio Art Centers International) is BGSU's sister school for study abroad in Florence, Italy. In Fall 2008, under my guidance, a team collected more than 50 hours of footage of classes, interviews, facilities, and field trips, etc. We will create a new promotional video that highlights the uniqueness of the school. It should target prospective university students (and their parents) from around the world. It should also be attractive to potential donors. It will be published on the internet and distributed on DVD to interested parties worldwide. Project sponsors are David Davidson (Dean), Mark Beckinsale (President), and Heather Elliott-Famularo.

  • one 5-8 minute video
  • Menu for DVD
  • web version
Project 4 MOCA Cleveland Game Engine "GAZE"
MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Cleveland wants a multi-leveled interactive game that will help teach older children and young adults visual literacy through "entering" works of art that have been exhibited at MOCA. Following a model used frequently in art education, called VTS, Visual Thinking Strategies, the project will be created using a 3D gaming engine. They would ultimately like to have several artists represented, but will start with one, Hildur Àsgeirsdóttir Jónsson. Hildur is an artist from Iceland, living in Cleveland. She makes huge textiles that look like minimalist paintings but are based on the landscape of Iceland. Project sponsors are the MOCA curator of exhibitions and education, Megan Lykins Reich, and Greg Little. Students must be available to meet M/W 1:50pm with Greg.

  • Will be created in Torque, 3D gaming engine
  • Must follow VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies
  • Should be open to add other artists in the future