ARTC441: Assignments
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Assignment #1: 10" Artist Presentation of YOUR ARTWORK
Your Work DUE: Wednesday, January 14
Write-up DUE via email FRIDAY, January 16 by 3pm

Prepare a presentation and bring samples of your own artwork to class that best illustrate your current artistic focus, design style, and also highlights your technical skills. This will be your opportunity to introduce yourself and your work to the group. Since this class is essentially collaborative, this presentation will be a method for us to see each others' skills and interests in relationship to our own and help us to develop the strongest teams possible. This is your chance to "Pitch" yourself to the group!

Only bring a few examples, as you will have just 10 minutes to present your work. You must show visual examples and also talk intelligently about your artwork and skills. **Practice your presentation, as you will NOT BELIEVE how quickly 10-minutes pass.** Have your artwork prepared BEFORE the start of class. (for example, have your work hung, digital files loaded, tapes cued, etc.). You may show: slides, video, digital files, and / or original artwork. Equipment will be available at 11am in room #1101. If you are not ready prior to the start of class, your grade WILL BE REDUCED.

Clients will be invited to these presentations as well, so this is your opportunity to "sell yourself" to your potential projects, so make it professional! The quality of your presentation will help determine which project you will be assigned to, so BE PROFESSIONAL! If you are interested in a particular project, be sure to show relevant work.

After presenting your work and viewing your classmates' work, TYPE a 1-2 page write-up containing paragraphs with the following:

  1. Your current artistic and technical focus for your own artwork
  2. What technical skills you bring to the class
  3. Describe which THREE project(s) you are most interested in and why (rank top 1,2,3)
  4. Paragraphs listing at least two classmates whose work you think compliments your own. These could be students who you may be interested in working with this semester. You should compare and contrast your work with theirs, indicating ways in which your artistic style would compliment theirs.
EMAIL THIS BY FRIDAY, January 16, 3pm to as I will announce the teams in class on Monday.
Presentation Requirements

In-Progress Critique Schedule and Requirements
The following are the dates which each group will have to present progress to the entire class:

  • Monday, February 9
  • Monday, March 2
  • Wednesday, March 25
  • Monday, April 13
  • Wednesday, April 29
Since there are four groups, each group will have a total of 30-minutes for:
- Presentation
- Feedback & Responses (from classmates)

You will be graded on:
- Organization of presentation
- Progress

  • Choose 1-2 people from your group to "present". Too many speakers makes it difficult to follow
  • Use your blog: You could post what you want to show on your blog so that you can project it to the whole group
  • Make an outline to follow: start with basic info and get more specific as the presentation continues.
  • For the Feb 9th presentation, You must assume that we know nothing about the project. Give us an overview first.
  • Show as many visuals as possible.
These are important checkpoints. At the beginning there may be more conceptual explanation, but as the semester progresses, you will must show more visuals.