Intro to Digital Arts
Spring 2007

Blog Entry: Project 2-1 (Reading Response QUIZ)

Due Wednesday, February 7

Please create a new post on your blog, called Video Art Quiz.  Copy and paste the following questions 
into the post, and respond accordingly. Use the link at the bottom to find more information on the artworks.

Reading #2-1: "Video Art", pp. 78-113 by Michael Rush from New Media in Late 20th Century Art

1)	Name an Early artist mentioned in the article for CONCEPTUAL WORK performing in front of the camera. 
Describe a work.  (2 points)

2)	Name an artist mentioned who deals with PERSONAL NARRATIVE. Describe a work.  (2 points)

3)	Describe the piece you were most interested in viewing after reading this article. Look the work 
up on the links, and expand on Rush's comments. (2 points)

4)	What do you better understand now about Video Art? (2 points)

5)	Based on Rush and this article, what makes Video Art vs. an "artful video"? (2 points)

Use this page of links to find out more about the artists discussed in the article and screened in class. 

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