PROJECT #1: Portrait: The Digital Self

Due: Wednesday, February 4


Create a series of five digital versions of yourself using the digital paint and imaging tools covered in class. While making these portraits, consider
We will have readings, discussions, and examples to aid your thought process. Your portraits can be literal renditions of yourself, abstract representations, or representational but not literal. In other words, render yourself in a way that your feel shows your essence. You will be working with digital photographs, scanned images, and / or digital paint.

1) You may not use INTERNET images for this assignment (unless they are your own!).
2) "Scrapbook" / "Yearbook" type collages are not allowed
3) Filters must be used PURPOSEFULLY... with intent, either conceptual or visual. NO GRATUITOUS FILTER ABUSE!
Research & BLOG Entry #2:
Due WEDNESDAY, January 21
Use the library, the SIGGRAPH exhibition catalogs, our course examples, and the web to look up examples of Choose three NEW artists/artworks you like, and in your BLOG:
1) Upload images or link to their URLs;
2) Write a paragraph that discusses the FORMAL elements of the work (composition, color, etc.);
3) Write a paragraph that discusses how Identity is addressed in that piece.
4) Write a paragraph that explains WHY you like it or relate to it. In particular, see the following resources:
Artists Referred to in our first Reading: Click Here
AND OTHER Examples of diverse artists and artworks:
Frank Auerbach
Aziz & Cucher
Matthew Barney
Nancy Burson
Bruce Bennett
Chuck Close
David Ho
William DeKooning
Marlena Dietrich
Jenny Marketou
John Trevin
Frida Kahlo
Paul Klee
Heidi Tailleffer
Lleana Frometa Grillio
Victoria Vesna
Edwaurdo Kac
Lucien Freud
Tina LaPorta
Shu Lea Cheang
Robert Longo
Martina Lopez
Man Amplifier
Melinda Montgomery
Joan Miro
Alice Neel
Georgia O'Keefe
Negar Nahidian
Jackson Pollock
Robert Corwin
Cindy Sherman
Wendy Morris
Student Work

Reading Part 2:

Read Body and Identity, Pp 165-174 by Christiane Paul from "Digital Art" (article passed out in class)
We will discuss this article during class and your involvement will count towards the participation component of your grade. To better understand the article, Links to artists referred to in the article can be found HERE!
Source Photographs:
Due WEDNESDAY, January 21
Shoot an entire roll (minimum 36 shots) of portraits of yourself using a digital camera, cell phone camera, webcam, or 35mm film (that you can later scan). Photos can be anything from parts or close-ups to whole portraits. FILM: Get the roll developed and bring in the prints to scan on 1/21. Choose the ten most important shots to show to your colleagues in class. Be prepared to contextualize them in comparison to your artist research (see above). If you use digital images, you still must have 36 images and present the 10 most important uploaded on your BLOG instead of printed. In addition to the 36 new shots, you may also use "acquired" photos (family, child pictures, etc.)
* NOTE: You may not use INTERNET images for this assignment. If you do, you will receive a ZERO for the project!! **
Due MONDAY, January 26:
Scan five of your source photos to be used in this project. If you shoot digital photos, you must still arrive to class with 5 scans (of objects, vintage photos, etc.) You may use all photos, manipulated object-scans, or both in the final images.
Final Images:
Due Wednesday, February 4th
MUST BE COPIED TO CLASS HOMEWORK FOLDER PRIOR TO START OF CLASS! (Leave 20 minutes before class to do so!)
*** Make sure you turn in a version that is 150dpi, 8-12 inches by 8-12 inches, flattened TIF format
Fine Art Print Lab Prints:
Due Wednesday, February 11th
Choose your three best images, and have them printed (150dpi, 12" minimum) upstairs in the print lab.
They require a 2-day turn-around, so drop them off early!
We will hang them in the hallway, so leave a border to pin. You can print more for extra credit.
The price is $5 / square foot. (12 x 12 image)

Summary of Due Dates: