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Surveillance in Society articles

Sousveillance: Inventing and Using Wearable Computing Devices for Data Collection in Surveillance Environments

Urban Surveillance and Panopticism: will we recognize the facial recognition society?

'Cam Era' the contemporary urban Panopticon

Protecting Your Privacy

TechTV - Legislating Terror

Tech TV- Anti-terrorism laws may give FBI unprecedented power to use its controversial email surveillance system.

The State of Civil Liberities: One Year Later -What's so Patriot about tampering Human Rights.


New technologies identifies people by the way they walk:,1283,38775,00.html

This one shows gait recognition plus other new ways to identify people such as lip,vein, and facial movement recognition:


Car Cameras:

In-Car Surveillance Camera

Strategically placed cameras on cars can see things humans can't


Thermal / X-ray technology:

composited x-ray image -

thermal of kid on bike -

x-ray from game, but similar to the circular view i was talking about -

Thermal satellite Imaging of D.C.



Wired News Tracking Junior With a Microchip

USA Today Animal-tracking chips now let you in on how Fido is feeling

Boycott Bennetton Benetton was considering putting RFID tracking chips in their clothing that can be read from a distance and used to monitor the people wearing them.

New technology tracks patient care at hospital

They're Watching You

Eyes of Ardmore Eyes of Ardmore

Lots of cameras watch you - and catch criminals Lots of cameras watch you - and catch criminals

Pssst! The Boss is Watching


Digital Identity:

Building the Digital Identity

Digital Identity

Digital Identity is not just about security anymore

Data Protection: Your Legal Rights Over Your Digital Identity

Is Identity About Ownership or Assertion?


Computer Security: This is a website that has information about computer security. This is a website from Oxford University with information on why passwords (and their secrecy) are important. This is an ad for internet surfing security software. it mentions various forms of internet tracking that it supposedly blocks.


Colleges and Universities 'The Big Brother'

Students and schools to be watched on video Students and schools to be watched on video


Minority Report offical site Go to the first thumbnail under features and then to the multimedia section of the flash site that opens. After that, go to runnerup and choose Ben Pinckney. His visual style is interesting.

Monitoring the mind

CCTV in the UK

Survivor 8

Police: Salon Owner Made DVDs Of Nude Customers

Sneaky use of cell phone cameras and other picture-producing devices prompting bans


Other Helpful Research for Project 2:


Art Sites and Artists:

Postcards by Lucas Bambozzi at

gmunk 1

gmunk - Urban 8 (click "personal projects", click "urban 8")

the Surveillance Camera Players (SCP) - Paranoia


Info Sites: (Temple of the Screaming Electron)

Main Street USA to become Surveillence Central

THE MONTANA FREEMEN - The Untold Story of Government Suppression and the News Media Cover

The Surveillance Society: Part One - Spycam City

Surveillance Society: Drawing the Line Between Privacy and Safety

The Surveillance Society - article in Wired

Identity and Surveillance in film - Examples

Big Brother Is Watching, Listening

voyeurism, exhibitionism and scophilia



The Antistalking Web Site

Stalking behaviors, definitions, sources, and links

A page for stalkers: It provides numerous, easily accessible websites for anyone to find out personal information by only typing in a name



Student who had entire college career on webcam

Cute Couple

Web Cams in New Orleans


Supplies / Software:

Surveillance equipment store

Computer Monitoring and Internet Spy Software

Text to Speech convertors for Mac OS

what I (and every site you've ever accessed) know about you:

Surveillance solutions - Telcon Industry's Focus

Spy Cameras and Hidden Camera Store - ideas for hidden cameras, specially made equipment for spying.



Paranoia Over Privacy - artist example

You're Never Alone with Paranoia- The Feds Are Watching

Artificial Intelligence Overview

Teaching a Computer to See - The development of computer vision at SFU


Multispectral Imaging:

Topographic Engineering Center

MultiSpectral Imaging Expanding Your Vision Horizons

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing



Big Brother is Watching - Cyber-spying made personal

SURVEILLANCE, INCORPORATED: American Workers Forfeit Privacy for a Paycheck


Genetic Discrimination:


Genetic Discrimination

Analyzing Genetic Discrimination in the Workplace


TV Reality Shows

Big Brother 3



Shame vs. Guilt in society


Let the Bloody Truth Be Told: A Chronology of U.S. Imperialism

Conspiracies, CoverUps, Truths, Facts, Oddities, Research

Our Scandalous Presidents: Whom Would You Impeach?

Political Cartoons

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