Sequence and Poetry

Create a poem / vision that you would like to express. Create a website that becomes a visual and aural exploration of that "poem". Remember to Challenge the definition of Poetry. Think carefully about narrative and the way language is used. Sound also becomes extraordinarily important in this piece. How can you creatively incorporate sound. Consider all of the qualities of the work.

The function of the piece should be to creatively express your concept, but the stylistic design to is up to you. The piece should be uniquely designed with special attention paid to the use of color, the arrangement of elements, the alignment of images, the use of graphics, and the creative idea. In your design you may consider the use of rollovers, transparency, sound, and animation. You should keep a consistent theme through all of the pages


  Student Projects

Boich, Kenneth Climer, Michael Debelak, Alan Donne, Didier
Gebhardt, Kara Groger, Lori McPeck, Patrick Perkins, Christopher
Schilens, Pamela Schwab, Bryce Seawick, Amy Sigalet, Jordan
Wilson, Gregory





ARTC 331 is taught by Professor Heather Elliott-Famularo - Digital Arts Department, School of Art, Bowling Green State University.