Project 2 Collaborative Groups:

Excessive / Extreme Surveillance
Didier: Annoyance and Irritation - The Angry Website
Alan: Secure site for product that annoys you
Mike: Thermal / Xray (invisible) surveillance at someone's house

Uses of Surveillance
Lori: Digital Identity - marketing - who owns your info?
Jordan: Automobile surveillance
Jason: Credit Card identity
Bryce: Video Bouncer

Body & Mind (apparent and transparent Surveillance)
Ken: Monitoring the mind / thought process
Kara: Biometrics - using the body to ID people

Surveillance in Everyday life (regular person)
Chris: Paranoia - a Day in the life, "Who's watching you?"
Pam: A day in the life of a college student

All-knowing, Big Brother Surveillance
Greg: The Watcher 2005 - huge database
Pat: false protection; extreme, used against people
Amy: Did you know...? examples