enemy of state
minority report eye scanning
Truman show
demolition man
eyes wide shut
the recruit
doctor strange love
James Bond 007
true lies
mission impossible
sixth day
Ocean Eleven
The Net
One Hour Photo
Total Recall
The Matrix
Johnny Numanic
Conspiracy Theory
dog day afternoon
panic room
Cube (1997)

Books The Giver Handmaids Tale Brave New World Stone boy scarlet letter

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Examples of Technology in Place GPS webcams, Thermal Camera, Spycams, hidden cams Retina scans, DNA scans, Voice Recognition, Finger Print, ID cards, Credit Cards, Face Recognition Software, Tracking, Tagging, Satellite spy cams. X-ray scanning, metal detector, cavity search, Instant Messenger activity, Caller ID Trojan Virus EZ pass, Dog and Kid tags - ( hey mom sign me up ) Cookies, login password storage, IP address implanted chips and tracking devices PEDS and Onstar, Consumer ID marketing Product functionality sensors, farting urinals EKG machine

USE / MISUSE OF tags, technology or gov. based info Social Security tag abuse Identity Theft White collar crime Credit Card Fraud airport security real shopping & online shopping superbowl face scanning EZPass FBI Tracking and monitoring Phone, Email, bugging fighting with CIA logging, invading my privacy, computer tracking Downloading songs on KAZAA microsoft controlling computers remotely surveillance makes me nervous wipe my harddrive clean I downloaded a Metallica song. Hacking, Pirating software. Digitally copying copyrighted material. Viruses. Popup windows WORM rom; Administration, The Eye in the LOR. Remote control of system Patriot Act Government linking and paranoia of different organizations or groups Broader definitions of terms War on Terror Thought surveillance - don't think bad thoughts johnny. Surveillance of mind. Increased Presence of surveillance. Unavoidable, cannot escape. Virtual Simulation and visualization CONTROL & POWER - too much control of the individual by larger groups. lack of trust in government. Connections that can or cannot be made with appearance. Actions can be assumed to be bad, even though the intentions might be innocent. surveillance that is invisible, undetectable. intangible surveillance. fear of the unknown. Not knowing about who or why or when or if you are being watched. Paranoia. Looking over shoulder, but nobody there. Does it affect you behavior. Digital profile, keystroke logging. data scanning. Hidden programs. Windows security or lack of. Anti Paranoia. Fear of being watched is funny. Don't worry be happy you are safe now. Fear. differences in America, Europe, and 3rd world countries. US is tense, needs to relax. Michael Moore - Bush is bad. TERROR LEVEL. today feels like a red day. stay inside. BAD intelligence. cancelled flights. Lack of personal info.