ARTC 331, Spring 2004
Intermediate Interactive Art

Final Project Guidelines:

FINAL DUE: Wednesday, April 28

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Part I - DUE: Monday, April 12 and Monday, April 19

TYPE a proposal for your final project in ARTC331. This contract must address the following five points:
  1. The concept or idea behind your work (this may naturally change slightly as you work on it)
  2. Type of imagery you will use in your site (subject matter)
  3. Sources for this imagery (found, scanned photos, wacom drawings, digital camera?)
  4. All formal considerations about your site (composition, design, colors, style, overall feel, etc.)
  5. Software / languages you will use (HTML, JavaScript, and/or FLASH)

Part II - DUE: Monday, April 19

DESIGN A Heirarchy Chart:

Project Ideas:

Journal / Sketchbook:
Really utilize your journal/sketch book/idea book when planning your final project. Jot down ideas, take research notes, sketch compositions, write reflections, etc. Allow your journal to help you organize your ideas. Write anything you want me to know about your work - questions, comments, struggles, successes, etc.

We will be meeting regularly during the rest of the semester, and I will expect you to open up your journal as a reference while we talk about your progress.

Your proposal must be a FORMAL, well-written presentation of your concept. It should address all of the points above. It must be professionally written, typed, and spell/grammar checked. You will turn in the first draft on Monday, April 12. I will read it, give you feedback and return it to you.

On MONDAY, APRIL 12 you will also present these ideas in class. Based on suggestions, you will then write a Final proposal, due MONDAY, April 19. We can also meet individually to discuss ideas. Take this proposal seriously! It is a significant part of your final project grade!

Heirarchy Charts:
Your Heirarchy Chart should be NEATLY and PROFESSIONALLY designed. It should be created on the Computer in a layout program OR drawn Very Neatly. It is due on with your FINAL Proposal on MONDAY, April 19.

Final web sites due on digitalarts by WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28

We will view FINISHED WEBSITES. Everyone must attend the critique, even if you have already presented your work. Absence from the final critique, for any reason, will lower your overall ARTC331 grade by one whole letter.

Portfolio Updates:

The second part of your final grade is the revamp of your portfolios. Now that you've learned much more technically since project one, You should go back and rethink your portfolio. Consider adding more advanced JavaScripting, better, image-sliced tables, animated gifs, sound, or Flash. Most importantly, you are REQUIRED to have LINKS to all of the three other projects you have created this semester.

Your FINAL PROJECT GRADE is counted double (100 points). Your updated Portfolio counts 1/2 (25 points). So put your primary emphasis on the Final Project. However, you have time NOW to begin fixing up your portfolio. The minimum (C) you must do is add a page with links to your other sites.

Remember, you are COMPUTER ARTISTS. A creative, well-done portfolio is integral to your ability to get a good job when you graduate. It is up to you to make the final decision about how you present yourself to the world. So do a good job, for your own sake!


First Draft of Final Proposal DUE
Present Ideas in Class
Heirarchy Charts DUE
FINAL Draft of Final Proposal DUE
No Class / Work Day - Heather at SIGGRAPH meeting
MONDAY, May 6 - 9am!
FINAL, UPDATED PORTFOLIOS and Final versions of Final Project DUE (I absolutely will NOT accept anything after this time)

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