Results of Class Brainstorming

March 24, 2003

Surveillance (visual/aural, etc.)
- CCTV - Closed Circuit TV (UK large cities) mounted outside in public places
- Red Lite runners- automatic ticketing for cars that run red lights
- speeding guns (state troopers)
- Stores, ATMs
- "Speed monitored by aircraft" signs
- Automatic Tolls - time your trip exit to exit for speeding
- Toronto- changed price during rush hour to deter traffic
- license plates - database of numbers and can link to other info
- can find lost dog with datachip

Dataveillance (forms, card scanning, etc.)
- POO#s!
- Credit Card, Social Security - can't do anything without ID
- Selective Service - 
- IP addresses (unique computer id)
- usernames / passwords
- Kroger card- monitoring of purchases
- PEDs Personal Entry Device - to find people
- GIS / GPS- find position on Cel Phone, cars have this
- Caller ID / CLI techonolgy - placing of callers on hold depending on their "good" or "bad" customer status
- Tracing Phone calls
- Businesses record call for "customer satisfaction"
- email tracking
- *67 caller ID blocking
- Form entry on the web > databases
- smart bombs, guided missles
- Tracking prisoners with ankle bracelets ; probation officer
- survey / census 
- Instant Messenger
- Background checks to get jobs, etc.
- sex offender lists, etc.

MEDIA /TV/ FILM / LITERATURE where surveillance is addressed:
Reality shows:
survivor, osbornes, big brother, .........
NEWS - especially CNN

The Running Man
Minority Report
Enemy of the State
Conspiracy Theater
The Net
Tom Clancy books / movies
The matrix
Born Identity
The Giver
Brave New World
The handmaid's Tale
The Little mermaid
The Truman Show

Intentional Government Surveillance:
Why is it a secret? Is it our safety or safety of information?
Cold War = We surveil Russians or they get us (arms race, space race, etc.)
-- so we can immediately react to the threat
Stealth planes, guided missles
FBI, CIA, NSA - purpose to gather "intelligence" without people knowing
airports - security and surveillance, passport check, shoes off, metal detectors
SEVIS - student visa database, keep track of all international students
UN Weapons inspectors
CARNIVORE - british system that combs through email and phones, etc.

General Questions:
- Does surveillance protect us or strip us from our consitutional rights?
- Innocent until proven guilty?
- Do we act any differently due to surveillance?
---- Does Panopticon theory really play a role - are we policing ourselves due to knowledge of being watched?
- Are we offering to be surveilled more often than we think?
- Should we be told or notified that our info being used - is that our right?
- Is it really that bad? (you can hang up on telemarketers and delete emails) Does it make our lives any harder?
- Can we go without being surveilled without "disappearing" off the earth?
- Who is watching the WATCHERS??
- What is the use of homesurveillance kits? (for us, or for web?)
- How has surveillance changed the way we view world events? 
--- example of journalists in tanks = feel of fake, a big movie, etc.
- repeated clips, yet don't see the other facts - 
why do we need to be protected, why can't we make decisions
- we have enough to worry about = entertainment, they loose money if they don't sell
- we like being watched, we like watching: VOYEUR and EXHIBITIONIST
- We want to know the info, be informed
- IN What situations can we be granted privacy? (as citizens)
- When can they implant GIS with other technology (shock sex offenders / criminals if they disobey)