Results of Research Assignment #1,

LINKS To Flash Poem Pages

Browse through: Choose three works. Complete the following assignment:

  1. Copy the URL and Title of the piece
  2. Write a paragraph critiquing the design. Talk about the design (color, line, composition, etc.)
  3. What makes it user friendly? What makes the interaction interesting? How does it engage the viewer?
  4. Discuss the Animation of the imagery. How does time and sequence play a role in this piece?
  5. Describe and Critique the Use of SOUND in the piece. How does it enhance the work? What types of sound are used?
  6. Discuss the Content / Ideas behind the site. How do all of the above elements come together to support this idea?

    Make sure it is well-written with correct grammar, etc.

    Bensman, Andrew:
    Ulchiro On The Life Of Man Sir Walter Raleigh Walking Together What Remains
    Bowman, Jacob: Wired by James W. Johnson Genius by Thomas Swiss Death Valley by June Hayes
    Cabrera, Luis : SOTTO VOCE by Zahra Safavian    
    Fiocca, Michelle: "Car Wash"- by Megan Sapnar "Sinking" - by Ingred Ankerson "The Dazzle As Question" - By Claire Allan Dinsmore
    Goldsmith, Mandy:      
    Im, Yangil (SAM):      
    Kenney, Jason: Intersecting lives Fire fly Spawn
    Lanham, Erin: Dissolution Sotto Voce Free Haiku
    Manrow, Evan: Story Problems Garden of Proserpine Dissolution
    Riddlebaugh, John: Firefly by Deena Larsen Spawn by Andy Campbell Inside by Andy Campbell
    Rodriguez, Edgar: Free Haiku! Memoirs From Hijiyama On the Life of Man
    Tolone, Ryan: "Spawn" "Winter City Sleeps" "Hello Hell"
    Waddington, Ben:      
    Wilson, Greg: SPAWN Fire Fly Intersective Lives
    Wright, Brad: Walking Together What Remains Dissolution Dear E.E
    Yoch, Renee: Dear E.E Firefly Murmuring Insects

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