ImageReady Slices

March 3, 2003


• Slicing divides an image into distinct ZONES.

• Divides up a large image to enable it to download faster (group of small slices downloads faster than a single large image) because you can optimize each slice individually.

Types of slices

When you create a new user-slice or layer-based slice, additional auto-slices are generated to account for the remaining areas of the image. Auto-slices fill the space in the image that is not defined by user-slices or layer-based slices. Auto-slices are regenerated every time you add or edit user-slices or layer-based slices. User-slices, layer-based slices, and auto-slices look different--user-slices and layer-based slices are defined by a solid line, while auto-slices are defined by a dotted line.

A subslice is a type of auto-slice that is generated when you create overlapping slices. Subslices indicate how the image will be divided when you save the optimized file. Although subslices are numbered and display a slice symbol, you cannot select or edit them separately from the underlying slice. Subslices are regenerated every time you arrange the stacking order of slices.

To Slice An Image Into Equal Parts Using A Command:

  1. Slices > Promote to User-slice
  2. Slices > Divide Slice
  3. Check Divide Horizontally Into AND/OR Divide Vertically Into; enter desired # of slices or # of pixels/slice for height / width of each H/V slice
  4. OK; label appears in upper left corner of each slice to identify as it's slice number (01, 02, etc.) left > right, top > bottom #s

All slices are selected after this; to choose only one, select (K) Slice Select Tool and click slice

Window > Slow Slices to see naming scheme

To Slice An Image Manually:

  1. Chose Slice Tool (K)
  2. Drag diagonally across the image to select 1st slice area; a label and frame appear; IR will divide the rest of the image into auto-slices
  3. OPTIONAL: draw more slices; auto label; IR will redivide
  4. OPTIONAL: to divide into smaller slices: