Reading / Online Tutorial Assignments - Digital Video Art


Reading #1: assigned 8/24, due 8/26
Chapter 8 from The Art of Technique: An Aesthetic Approach to Film & Video Production by Douglass and Harnden

>>> Download the reading pdf  HERE!!! <<<


Reading #2: assigned 8/26, due 8/31
Part 1.1 Origins of Video Art from A History of Video Art: the Development of Form and Function by Chris Meigh-Andrews (pp 1-18)

>>> Download the reading pdf  HERE!!! <<<


Reading #3: assigned 9/2, due 9/9
1) pp. 1-49, chapters 1 & 2 in from word to image: storyborading and the filmmaking process by Marcie Begleiter.
>>> Download the reading pdf HERE!!! <<<

2) pp. 3-37 in NONLINEAR 4: a guide to digital film and video editing by Michael Rubin
>>> Download the reading pdf HERE!!! <<<


Online tutorial video group #1: assigned 9/9, due 9/14 (45-minutes of lessons)

What is Premiere Pro? (2:13)
Overview of the Premiere Pro interface (9:43)
Creating a New Project (6:43)
Keyboard Shortcuts (3:52)
Premiere Pro: Capturing & Batch Capturing from miniDV tape (17:24)
Importing Media into Adobe Premiere Pro (3:55)


Reading #4: assigned 9/21, due 9/23
Chapter 6: The Relation of Shot to Shot: Editing from Film Art: An Introduction by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson (10th edition)

QUIZ & READING (due Wednesday 9/23 at 11:30am) in CANVAS course shell!!


Online tutorial videos - Introduction to Premiere Pro: assigned 9/23, due 9/28

Login to your Digital Tutors account (an email has been sent inviting you) and do this lesson (Quizzes for each section included!):
Getting Started in Premiere Pro (1 hr 27 min, plus TEST - 10 lessons)


Reading #5: assigned 9/30, due 10/5 (WITH TAKE HOME QUIZ!)
Chapter 7: Sound in the Cinema from Film Art: An Introduction by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson

Complete the QUIZ & READING (due Wednesday10/5 at 11:30am) ON CANVAS COURSE SHELL.


Reading #6 and QUIZ: assigned 10/14, due10/19
Chap 6: What types of Documentary Are There? from Introduction to Documentary by Bill Nichols

Complete the QUIZ & READING (due Monday 10/19 at 11:30am) ON ON CANVAS Course Shell.


Reading #7: assigned Wednesday 10/21, due Wednesday 10/28
In preparation for our DSLR / Lighting demo, please read these online resources before class:

Aperture - Everything you wanted to know but thought it was uncool to ask

Understanding ISO - A Beginner's Guide By Nasim Mansurov

Basic Cinematography: How To Light An Interview (3-Point Lighting Tutorial)



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