ARTC 3440, Fall 2015
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Final Video Requirements / Check Sheet
DUE: Thursday, December 17th at 5pm SHARP!

The following are the requirements for the Final Reel for Digital Video Art. You must turn in the following for a grade:

1) one (two if needed due to file size) final DVD data disc with all four projects in FULL ORIGINAL RESOLUTION (i.e. DV-NTSC or HDV or Apple ProRes codecs - Do not turn in h264 mpeg files!!!!)
2) Be sure that each final version (if you've made changes) is rendered out each as an H.264 file for Vimeo, uploaded to your vimeo account and added to our class group. You can find Vimeo's compression settings HERE. (If you updated your projects, replace the old video with the updated ones - there is a button to do this within the settings you don't have to upload a NEW video, you can replace the original.)


Your Name :                                                        

Project # Title Length changed since graded? On Vimeo with synopsis
1   : Y     N Y     N
2   : Y     N Y     N
3   : Y     N Y     N
4 (final)  : Y     N Y     N


Make the whole reel flow as a whole. Keep the TITLE FONTS READABLE! Be consistent!

You will get EXTRA CREDIT if you improved your pieces since you turned them in for a grade, so mark accordingly in the box above.

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